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Mike Keen 57-60

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Bath Academy of Art
40 Year Reunion

Mike Keen has also supplied these photos from the 40th Reunion which was held at the Methuen Arms in 1998. "We decided to choose the Methuen for the reunion because it was the place that regarded us as 'scruffy students' back then". Everyone at the reunion attended Bath Academy of Art from the mid 50's to the early '60's.

Refer to Your Page's 6 & 7 to see 'Who was Who' back then!

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Methuen Arms, Corsham - 25th August 1998

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Married names in brackets: Year of entry follows name.
1st Row:- (seated) L to R                                                                                                           
Sheila Wycherley
[Chalke], 1956; Rose Mingay [Poulton], 1957; Anne Mowate [Adams], 1957;
Coral Williams
[Prosser], 1956; Julia Vezza [Fletcher], 1958; Angela Cately [Wilkinson], 1959;
Glenda Pearson
[Palmer], 1958; Margaret Mapstone [Shreeve], 1957; Anita Hughes [Hoyle] 1957.

2nd Row:- (seated) L to R                                                                                                  
Barry Biggins, 1957; Caroline Henderson
[Biggins], 1959; Humphrey Poulton,
(Rose Mingay's husband); Judy Brandram [Brown], 1957; Michael Keen, 1957;
June Martin
[Barker], 1956; Wyn Griffiths, 1956; Irene Holley [Cornelius], 1957.

3rd Row:- (standing) L to R                                                                                                
Richard Mills
('Mo' Worlock's husband); Maureen Worlock [Mills], 1956;
Maggie Wheeler
[Preece], 1959; Deryn O'Conner, 1956; Molly Terry [Eastman], 1956;
Judy Paren
[Wall], 1957; Margaret Gardham, 1957; Sue MacKenzie [Varley], 1956;
Bobby Mills
[Gill], 1957; Wendy Gilbert [Hicks], 1957; Dave Scott, 1956;
Paula Davies
[Griffiths], 1956; Iris Martin [Jefferies], 1957; Margery Darnley [Durdle], 1957
(partially obscured by) Estelle Smith [Scott], 1957; Vic Shreeve, 1957; Tony Hoyle, 1957.

4th Row:- (standing) L to R                                                                                                
Peter Jackson, 1956; Jean Egerton
[Roberts], 1956 (immediately in front of) John Donovan, 1957;
Mary Mico
[Cummings], 1957; Bert Eastman, 1957; Charles Prosser, 1957; Pam Moffat, 1956;
someone almost completely hidden; Helena Serafin, 1959 (partially obscured, and behind her is)
Hilary Wills
[Mullock]; Jane Dyball [Nicholls], 1955; Alison Chaplin [Robinson], 1956;
Marion Wells
[Kneller], 1957; Don Nicholls (Jane's husband); Roger Veal, 1956
(who is immediately in front of) Mark Cornelius, 1957; Eva Veal (Roger's wife); Bill Jones, 1957;
Dave Barker, 1957; Phil Wilkinson
(Angie's husband); John Gridley, 1957;
Christine Inman
[Gallagher], 1957; Roma Grundy [Bromley], 1957; Ann Faithfull [Robinson], 1957.

Click on the photos for a larger version

Click on the photo for a larger version

Click on the photo for a larger version

Same venue, same afternoon
Barry Biggins
& Caroline
talking to
Rose Mingay

L to R (seated):- Judy Brandram [Brown],
Julia Vezza
[Fletcher], Angie Catley [Wilkinson],
Glenda Pearson
[Palmer], Margaret 'Meg' Mapstone [Shreeve], Michael Keen.
Second row (standing & wholly in view):-
Eva Veal
, Wyn Griffiths, Roger Veal,
Paula Davies
John Gridley
, Estelle Smith
Christine Inman
[Gallagher], Vic Shreeve.

Click on the photo for a larger version

Click on the photo for a larger version

Corsham Court,
ex-students, and not a bike in sight
even though the bike sheds were still there!
L to R:- Barry Biggins, Estelle & Dave Scott,
(in distance) Mark & Rene Cornelius,
Rose Poulton
, Charles Prosser,
Alison Robinson
and Iris Jefferies.

Inside the Methuen Arms
L to R:- Michael Keen, Marian Wells
Ann Mowate
[Adams], Irene Holley [Cornelius]
and Rose Mingay

Click on the photo for a larger version

Click on the photo for a larger version

Coral Williams [Prosser], John Gridley,
Bobby Mills [Gill].

L to R:- Iris Martin [Jefferies], Glenda Pearson [Palmer],
Hazel Norbury
[Batchelor], Judy Paren [Wall]
and Mary Mica

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