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Debbie Pengelly 74-77

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Barry Biggins - 2000

Barry Biggins has sent in a selection of photos that show what it was like
being a student at Bath Academy of Art from 1957 to '61.

"We were there doing what in those days was called 'The Ministry' course,
and then went onto London to do our ATC"

Men's group photo - 1958 - '59
This photo was organised by Bruce Kent who was the warden of Beechfield at the time.

Back Row:- Tony Hoyle : Errol Goldsworthy : John Hitchens : David Whincop : Mark Cornelius : Roger Veal :
Eric Richardson : Keith Witts : Roger Bodenham : Paul Barter : Ronald Beaver : Barry Jakeman : Phil Brookman

Middle Row:- Viv Lewis : Bruce Clark : Melvin Turner : Howard Pickersgill : Peter Kitchen : John Gridley : Mike Cuzner : Bob Clayton : Tony Nelson : Bruce Kent (Warden) : Roy West : Vic Shreeve : Gwyn Edwards : Chris Smith : Christian Snell : Dorothy Elliot : David Andrews

Front Row:- Mark Giles : Gareth Davies : Wynn Griffiths : George Bruce : Nick Woodbridge : Fred Booth: 
Albert Clamp : Dai Jenkins : Simon Cooper : Barry Biggins

Click on the following photos for a larger version - some with names and comments.

Click for a bigger photo with names.

Click for a bigger photo.

Outside the Lettering Studio - 1959

Rear of the Court - 1958
L to R:- Dave Barker, Penny Bradshaw,
Meg Mapstone, Vic Shreeve, Gill Patterson,
Bill Jones, Rosie Brandfoot, Mike Keen.

Click for a bigger photo with names.

Click for a bigger photo with names.

Sculpture Yard - 1959

Litho Room - 1961

Click for a bigger photo.

Click for a bigger photo with names.

Such a popular person!

Outside Litho studio - 1961


Group E - 1959
L to R:- Betty Holford Smith(?), John Booth(?), John O'Neil, John Hood.
Standing at front:-
Caroline Henderson (now Biggins), Chris Pearson, ?,
Joan Grant, Byron Davies, Ann-Marie Martinson (on lap), Alan Dunn,
Beryl Waterer,
unidentified, Pat Shuttleworth.

Click for a bigger photo with names.

Was this Group B?

Click for a bigger photo.

Click for some comments.

Me (Barry) : Rosie Brandfoot - 1961
Anyone know the whereabouts of Rosie?

...and in the Litho Room - 1961.
The instigator of this page.

All of these photos have been contributed by Barry and his friends, "a lot of them are scans of scans from other folks photographs I scrounged" Thanks also go to John Gridley who has put dates and names to pictures from those far off days.
"John Gridley is the guy with the memory (well, at least with some things). We had a re-union (the first) a couple of years ago and I remember seeing him throw his arms around a couple of girls (ladies now of course) and saying, 'I'm John Gridley, did I sleep with you?'  I thought it was such a super throw away line....."
They are certainly a great collection of photographs capturing this time and a substantial catalogue of people, individual groups and events, even the backdrops are of familiar recognisable places.

December 2000 at The Royal Crescent in Bath.

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