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Debbie Pengelly posted these four photographs of a 'Twenties' party in 1976, held in the union hut. As social secretary with Roy Alexander they organised this party, she remembers those infamous Halloween parties in the basement at Corsham Court and particularly the 'end of term ball' in the Canteen at Beechfield, especially making the sparkly 'come dancing' globe out of a football and mosaic mirror tiles!
Not all the surnames are remembered, can you add these? Do you recognise people in the background - were you there?

first 4 photos have a larger version

Debbie Pengelly

Gill Fry

Click for a larger photo.

Who's who in this one and who's being snogged by Stuart?

Peter Grundy; Gill; ?; Me;
Peter Ffoulkes
(Bath Uni); Pam

John Glynn; ?(arm); Bryan Barton(New'ky Brown);
? smoochin' with Stuart Hodges


"Peter and Gill graduated in Graphics in 1976, Peter Ffoulkes was the boyfriend and later husband of Pam. I have lost touch with Gill who was my best friend at one time. I believe Gill lives in Bath, married a doctor and was commuting to London to work in graphic design for British Rail (prior to privatisation). *Are you out there Gill? I am also looking for Piers Carey, he had short dark hair, glasses, a short beard and played the mandolin. I was never sure if he was actually a student or just a local (his parents and sister lived about three miles away) but he was always part of the gang. I used to see Ann Bradford a lot who was a ceramics student, the last I heard of her was that she was living Wadenbridge in Cornwall but this was many years ago."

*Gill Fry has made contact with the site and her entry can be read in the archived Guestbook 2002

Caroline Hogan & Debbie Pengelly (on holiday summer of 1975)
photo supplied by Pat Dunn

flash movie!

Michael Downs did painting from 1972-76.
I am now living and working in Sydney, Australia and Head of Postgrad at the National Art School there. The site has prompted me to dig out some old photos. The first I came across was this taken at Beechfield in the summer of 1973(?)...

The real person left is Phillip Woolley,

the other real figure on the right, Michael Downs, is me.

Gillian Bushnell (Jilly) is the painted girl far left - (incorrect)

the extreme right is Charles 'Chubby' Watson.

centre stage is Jill (who married Mike Smith
the mandolin and guitar playing ceramicist of the same era).

The painting was done by the very enigmatic and interesting
Paul Chambers - (incorrect)

Thanks to Andrew Bailey & Richard Nye for solving this mystery.

More will follow one day...


...and so it has transpired from an email in January 2015
that Ruth Rickards (now Britton) painted this picture and not Paul Chambers.
Thanks to Malcolm Law who has sent in the photo & updated info.
click for a larger version

left is Anne Thornhill, Deborah Treliving, Jill, Keith Owen, and Charles Watson

l-r Anne Thornhill, Deborah Treliving, Jill, Keith Owen, Charles Watson

"Deborah Treliving standing next to me now confirms she was in the painting and the names of Anne and Keith. So I'm afraid Andrew and Richard are mistaken in their solution to the mystery - it was over 40 years ago!" - Ruth Britton

and more will follow another day...

Paul Chambers died May 2012 in the US

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