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Christine Matson 64-67 & Sheila Pearce 64-67

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Maureen Giddings
née Williams
  1958-61 painting & sculpture.

Maureen Williams 1960

Maureen Williams & Katy McDonagh
Group B visit to farm 1958 or 59 - in the background is
Pete Kitchen & Valery Walker + head of Stephen Russ

Harry Cliffe
Lithography tutor

Bruce Clark, Maureen Williams,
Joan Scott, Hilary Dyson sitting
Sculpture School Yard

Frankie Hedgeland, Lena Chapman,
Eve Laurens, Maureen Williams,
Ann Dowker, Jean Fletcher,
Margaret Luckuck, Brenda Hughes,
Avis Stockham - Monks Park

Carol Vincent, Colin McVean

Olive Booth, Ralph Sylvester,
Tim Trefall, Maureen Williams
Beechfield 1960

Maureen Williams, Bob Clayton,
Paul Barker (kneeling)
lawn at the back of Corsham Court

Margaret Luckuck, Ron Beaver,
John Garland

Chris Smith (guitar),
Tony Nelson
Bob Clayton
(towel around neck),
Mark Giles behind him, Valery Walker

Pat Radford, Maureen Walsh,
Roger Bodenham, Errol Goldsworthy,
Jean Fletcher, Phillip Brookman

Bob Dennison, Vivien Lewis,
Brenda Hughes, John Beswick

Bob Clayton, Mark Giles, Chris Smith,
 Keith Witts (seated), Vivien Lewis

The Academy Bus

Exhibition programme at Corsham Court & Beechfield - 7, 8 & 9 July 1961

Jennifer Birley & Maureen Wiliams
Sculpture School Project for Summer Exhibition 1960 - Transformation of the Skull

I think Avis Stockham took the photos.

A BBC television film was made in about 1960 showing students and their work,
a number of us were in it and we later saw the film in the Barn.
The 1961 Exhibition programme has some info about the two short films.
I have very recently (2018) seen the film again and will try to include it in my page.

For the past twenty years I have been involved with stage and music work for schools
which was how I met Jane Olds

Jane Olds née Hillier  1952-55

2nd year group outside the pottery 1952 - 55 
far left Don Evans - (only one I remember) - far right Peter Ellery?

an official visit to Stonehenge
unlike the (illegal) midsummer solstices that we went to.

Peter Potworowski & Rosemary Ellis on the seesaw
the board on the grass says 'Art in the Balance' - was it a film?

I hope the photos stir up a few memories and names.

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