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Andrea Garrihy + Paddy Goff 68-70

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Peter Feltham who posted a Guestbook entry on this website has sent in these photos of Monks Park, house and huts, from 1977/78. His dad is Gerry Feltham who was the caretaker/handyman/bus driver of the Monks Park site at The Ridge near Gastard. Peter lived on-site with his parents and brother from 1966 until it closed in 1981.

Monks Park House in 1978
(Would that be Peter Cray's two-toned car?)

"When we first moved to Monks Parks in 1966, the students were living in the 'nissen' huts, but I don't remember this. I was 6 months old when we arrived and the students moved out when I was about 3, I think. Anyway Mum was the resident nurse and ran the sick bay. Old Percy was the gardener (he only died just recently apparently).
The Pope family lived on the first floor of Monks House but moved out in 1971 when Peter Cray and family moved in. His wife Pauline was the domestic bursar and their two children were Emma and Toby. Most of my memories revolve around playing with Emma and Toby and the great life we had there during the summer with all those grounds to ourselves! We loved the students too though, but they were there when we were at school unfortunately. Dad used to take them back down to Corsham just as we came home from school. I don't really have many memories of the students unfortunately ... except one called Belinda .... but even her family name I never knew.
When Monks was closed Dad and Mum moved to the Gatehouse at Corsham Court because Mr Mannings, the then caretaker there, retired. They lived there for 20 years before moving into an Estate owned house in Corsham, on dad's retirement last year.

I now live in Strasbourg, France and my brother lives in Oxfordshire. We didn't follow in Dad's footsteps to become caretakers. My brother did a Doctorate at Oxford, would you believe, and I did a business and French degree before coming to France 12 years ago! Must have been the influence of living with students!"

This text is from an edited version of an email from Peter.
Belinda - if you're still out there, can you let us know?

Those ex-RAF huts, [not nissen huts], with the top of Monks Park house just visible, 1977

* * * * *

Monks Park is now private property and owned by the Countess of Warwick, this is her retirement estate.

photos 2004 - viewed from Monks Lane spot the addition!
* * * * *
From John Ingram who was not a student, but... "I lived there from 1954 to 1965, first at the Ridge, close to Monks Park, where one could not help but notice all the comings and goings of the students, but coincidentally, I lived in 87 Pickwick Road, but of course before it was student accommodation. When I lived there it had been purchased by Fred and Dilys Edgill, who also owned the fish and chip shop next to the Community Centre. Whilst I was there (on the first floor) he built on the modern house that adjoins 87.

87a & 87 Pickwick Road

Below is one of my most favourite pictures, which I took on a visit there some years ago. I am sure many of the students will have passed it, walking up Monks Lane to get to Monks Park, it is right at the top of the lane, opposite the little pond which I see has fallen into a sad condition."

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