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Michael Woolls Blanco 61-65

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Pixie & Fiona Roger Fleet, Steve Collingbourne, Linden Turner party-time our group 1962 Stephen Russ Peter Startup with my painting of Bill Crozier l-r back:?/Brigitte/Renee/Steve/Janet/Barbara/Pixie front:Tony/Michelle/?/Beth/Fiona/Ray:1961 in the sculpture room my sculpture 1964 the Jazz Band my year 1961-64 Tony me, Linden Turner & Diana Dean in Diana's room, Monks Park Bill Crozier my year at a party my year 1962 me & Fran Ruth, Me, Maureen & Carol

my group 1962 Corsham Court Dartington Hall: my previous college in Stephen Russ's studio Bill Crozier me & Barbara at Monks Park 1962 Linden & Fiona at Dartington 1960 by George Pasmore [of Gilbert & George] the boys played tricks at Monks Park me in the Packhorse pub Howard Hodgkin's studio : we are all shaking with fear Corsham dining room The Rage Girl [Fiona Green] - Bill Crozier 1962 Diana Dean Linden & Diana walking back to Monks Park Pixie Linden Robyn Denny Fiona by John Bellany RA

Bill Crozier my room at Monks Park Alan Miller [Pike] Maureen, Carole,? Ruth, Me, Maureen & Carol Roger, me & Steve John Hoskin Mike Pennie John Eaves Robyn Denny John Ernest me at Monks Park Tony & Kate Gwyneth Kaye my sculpture, 1964 Gwyneth Kaye Bill Crozier Mrs Stainer - my landlady me at Corsham Court
Ray our group at Monks Pixie & Barbara me at Tate Gallery our group at Monks Park Malcolm Hughes with Bill Cook & Jeremy Jessel in background Linden Linden in Corsham Linden in Corsham Art students winning entry in Paris show 1963 Maurice Agis & Gwyneth Kay at Beechfield John Hoskin welding John Hoskin welding Gwyneth Kaye with her paintings Gwyneth Kaye with painting my maquette me in the sculpture room Liz Jewett & Gwyneth Kaye Gwyneth Kaye Frances Johnston

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by Roger Shapley 59-63
Fiona Green story