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Steve Fairbairn 66-70

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Clive 2004

Clive Adams did the Foundation course 66-67 and Visual Communication from 67-70.
"Iím grateful to Steve Fairbairn for tracking me down and pleased to contribute these four photographs".

on a painting trolley at Beechfield

me - Clive Adams
(initials on rear of photo J.B. Janet Bolton?)



If you can add missing names to the two group photos, please let us know.

on the stairs of the Court

l-r front row: (half of) Sue Mann [Hudson]; Geoff Turpin (with glasses, next to Sue) ;?;?;?; Richard Williamson [Rosebud] (far right); middle row: Di? (far left, blond hair); myself Clive Adams; Rosie Upton (far right, blond hair); middle: Liz Martin (behind me, to left, dark hair) - talking with;?; next row above: Sue Whitesmith (hands on chin);?; stairs top: last two are unknown;?;?.

on one evening in my attic room
at Beechfield House

floor: Dave Boal - seated: Geoff Turpin -  rear: Clive Adams (in Arab head dress)
l-r standing: ;?;?;?.
Apologies to my other unidentified friends.
on a sheepskin rug
possibly taken in one of the hostels

Tony Stokes & Clive Adams

We all have so much to be grateful to Corsham for, but I have Jeremy Rees to especially thank for starting me on a 30 year career as a curator.
As a student, I met Jeremy (who founded Arnolfini/Bristol and who very sadly died recently) when he taught typography part time at Corsham to support the gallery. When looking for someone to take on the running of the gallery part of Arnolfini prior to the move to Bush House and around 1975, Jeremy called me out-of-the-blue and asked if I would be interested in working with him. At Arnolfini I met my wife Jill (then and now again, a professional cook) and we have 2 sons, a sculptor and a web designer (a nice balance). I kept in contact with Jeremy until shortly before he died and he never failed to give me advice and encouragement, particularly over the project that Iím still working on - see http://ccanw.co.uk

Best wishes
Vicky Pickford 1968-70 sent in this group photo taken in 8 High Street, March 1970 by Nigel Cook holding the mirror.

Group photo in 8 High St. by Nigel Cook.

L to R: Tim Nevitt, Hilary McManus, Debbie Morrell, Jonathan H P Parkinson, Charlie Rice, Biddy Hobbs, Julia Franco, Vicky Pickford, Belinda Scholes (front row), and Nigel Cook feet (and again) in mirror with the Pentax.

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