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Ray Silvester 67-72

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Jan Hine 2004

click on the thumbnails above for larger photos

Janet Simpson
'50-54 has added many reminisces in the archived Guestbook 2004,
go there to read these comments, including post-BAA to the present day.

some notes on the people in the photos above:-
"Tom Burt 49-53 & Deborah ???, both were local (from Bath) and went on to
London University for the 'education' year (as did most of the 4-yr students then).
They were inseparable - they & Howard Hodgkin and I all went to the
Henley Regatta together in '53. (Earlier in 1951, Monica and I had gone to
the Festival of Britain with Clive Dussek and Barry Jackson). Other BAA dates remembered:- Michael Mason 48-52?, Bob Keenes 49-53 & John Williams 51-55?"

Jan would love to get in touch with anyone who "should happen to recall me from those long ago days".

Sheila Harrity '54-57, has included a couple of pics from those years. "I spent three great years at Corsham from Sept. 54 to July 57. I did 2 years education, painting, drawing, sculpture and minimal studies in pottery, printing, lettering. I specialized in sculpture in my Third year. I was assigned a nickname of 'Harry the Horse' or 'Horsefeatures' by those irreverent friends closest to me!
I am still in touch with Jean Redhead(Whitehead), who put me back in touch with Peter Lister and Alan and Anne Foxley."

l-r: Betty Showan, Anne Foxley/Forster,
Sheila Harrity
in the painting studio upstairs, Corsham Court
l-r: unknown, Betty Showan, Alan Foxley, Sheila Harrity
outside in the snow behind Corsham Court

my final sculpture in the Sculpture School
in Bernard's class

a 1955 postcard of Corsham Court

Sheila is still looking for a catalogue from 1956, "I'm sure this booklet is the only one left!".
If found, then it will be added to this page and site archive.
Meanwhile... visit her gallery by clicking on the photo below.

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1950 Provisional Prospectus - was this the first?

Stephen Fairbairn 67-70