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Graham Day 67-71

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Ray Silvester did graphics from '67 to '72, taking a year out in 1970 to travel to 'India and beyond' on a sabbatical, and has posted these five portraits of students at Corsham, all taken in 1969.
"Unfortunately the only name I remember is Andre Bardega but I am hoping people will see themselves and name them".
Thanks to those who have added names.

Ray Silvester
a self portrait with Beechfield in the background


Hilary McManus

Veronica Ricks

Robin Thornton

Andre Bardega

Hilary McManus

Veronica Ricks
sculpture 68-72

Robin Thornton
Fine Art Painting 68-72

Andre Bardega


"I actually won a national Kodak competition with my photo of Andre - however when they came to the college (with lots of fanfare) to collect the neg, to my horror - and theirs - it was on Ilford film. Such is life - one of those tragedies. Who knows what path I might have gone down".

photo montage

Photos from the sabbatical year
driving to India and beyond
with John Headlam.






The B&W photos (bottom right) were all taken in 1970. My final work for BAA was a book and film of the trip. John has the original of the super 8 film and his own photos. These are just a couple of mine apart from me on a camel in Iran that John took.

1 Men in the street in Lahore, Pakistan

2 Ray on a camel in the desert in Iran (we actually got lost coming out of Tehran and found ourselves for a few days on the old caravanserai route)

3 A truck in Kabul, Afghanistan

4 Men on a cart in Kabul

5 Afghan purdah - two women of Kabul

click on the thumbnails
for larger versions

Alan Humphries painting 1967-'71 - four photos from Corsham 1967'ish!

Alan Humphries
as the rabbit : Tom Coyle the mad hatter : Jane Silk as Alice
click for a better view
These photos of Alice and Wonderland were because someone (forgotten who ...) had made the giant teapot
SOLVED - The Teapot was made by Heather Harrington (now Rosswhite),
whom I remember well and am occasionally in touch with on Facebook. She currently lives in France having previously lived at Sydney Place in Bath where the old BAA studios used to be.
Many of us have put out feelers but no-one seems to recognize the tea party’s Alice.
Stephen Fairbairn, 1 Feb 2021
SOLVED - Alice now recognised by Frances Kingsnorth (Marsden) 19 May 2022
............ They were taken in the garden of the hostel which was at No.40 High St (I think).

Remembered by Steve Fairbairn..."the fellow with the moustache in the flowery shirt was an American student. He burnt his call-up papers to Vietnam on the steps of Beechfield House in the summer of '67. This earned him a round of applause from those that witnessed the daring deed. It meant that he couldn't return home to the US without running the risk of getting arrested".

If you can add names to the people, then please let us know.

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