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On a visit to the 2001 Corsham Festival during its last week, I met an ex-BAA student who produced this photograph below! Spot Beechfield House playing backdrop to some period sculptures of the day.

Many thanks to Andrea Garrihy for supplying these fascinating pictures that date back to 1949. The Academy first opened in 1946 and was situated in and around Corsham Court. The Sculpture School was in the gate houses to the Court, and ironically Andrea's sculpture studio is there today.
  "Bath Spa University have reclaimed our studio by the Gatehouse, the mainstay of our existence in Corsham for the last 20 years." 27th July 2009

She was at college from 1968 to '71, do you remember her?

Sadly, Andrea lost her battle against cancer on March 27, 2016. She was 67.

Patrick Goff who was a student in 1967 - '70, has supplied these colour photos,
two from Corsham taken in '69 and two of his work from '70..
The Court Pool The High Street


"...it's the spaces between, man..."
"This shot has faded badly,
it was taken in the 'new'
school where I had my workspace.
It is me in 1970"

"Work stacked waiting to be hung in the finals show of 1970, located in the 'new' sculpture school."

"The paintings of hexagons are mine
the one of squares is by Philip Crozier".

"I had many a pleasant evening lying on the roof slates of the Doctors surgery watching the world go by, as I lived in a room on the top floor front of the building. Such was the shortage of student accommodation one year that one student even lived in a tent in the back garden for the first month or so at the beginning of the year.
In those days the basement at the Court had the college shop and a skittle alley. You could hear the ball rumbling down it in the library two floors above. The canteen was the dining room and the Reynolds' had many a pea flicked at them by art students who thought that paintings of dead people were not nice things. One year the canteen budget was expended before the end of the term and the students all stayed in their seats until we were all packed in (it only held about half the students normally). We all chanted for the chef, and when she came through the great oak doors at the end she was greeted by a shower of oranges which had been given to us all as 'pudding' and were put t
o a better use that day!
At that time
I got a grant (those were the days, not only at Corsham but actually paid to be there!) of £84 per term. I paid £54 to the college for food and accommodation (room, breakfast if you got up in time, elevenses, lunch, high tea and dinner about eight, seven days a week). Of the remainder, twenty went into the shop for paint canvas etc, whilst most of the rest went into the Pack Horse on scrumpy top with Barley Wine chasers. God the things we drank in our youth!"

Paddy Goff
Savoy Hotel
October 2000


these next five photos were added 27/12/04
click for the bigger picture click for the bigger picture click for the bigger picture click for the bigger picture click for the bigger picture
looking down
Church Street
Flemish weavers cottages
student entrance
to the Court
the Music Room '68 - where
Ravi Shankar held a concert
Gazebo in the
Court gardens

"all are dated May 1969 on the cardboard Kodak slide holder, but probably summer '68"
click on the thumbnails for larger versions - use Back to return

First year Dip A.D. Fine Art (Painting)
1st year photographic introductory course circa 1967, using 2¼ square format cameras.

l to r: Olwyn Steele, Merlyn Chesterman, Paddy Goff, Judith Skedgellphoto added 25th Dec 2004
"I don't know who the photographer was but it was probably taken in the grounds of the antique shop on the corner in Pickwick, opposite Adrian Heath’s house?"

photos added 28/03/05


"these show the kind of flower paintings I currently get involved with:-
visit my website 2016
My New Website

click for a larger version

click for a larger version

Lupin - tree of life


*  *  *  *  *

Geoff Turpin did Dip A.D. Painting including a foundation year from 1966-70 and has  contributed five photos and his Corsham Memories.
I have enjoyed having my memories revived by this web site; Corsham was an experience I wouldn't have missed for anything. I visited there last summer as I was on holiday nearby, but it was as if the college had never been there. It's the people I most remember -like the tutors- the extraordinary Michael Simpson and his studio in Bradford on Avon, the charming Michael Kidner and his driving, two more Michaels, Craig Martin and Johnson, all seemed to me speaking words of wisdom, Tom Philips who read philosophy to us while we drew, the kindness of the late Adrian Heath and many others.

My memory for names is poor I'm afraid but among the students I knew were Graham Day, Clive Adams and Paddy Goff who have all contributed to this site, (Paddy and I met up recently after 32 years), and Phil Crozier who I've just about kept in touch with. Phil and Paddy have continued to paint, and I have recently started again. I also remember Kathy Gili, Olwyn, Judith and Merlyn who are in Paddy's photo on this site [see above], Helen & Martine, of course, and Tom Dick and Alice.

And I'm sure other people will remember the sit-in at Beechfield, the Newcastle Brown Club, the old masters hit by mashed potatoes during food fights in the Corsham Court canteen, scrumpy at 13 pence a pint, a gig by Ed Askew, the music of Cream, Family and The Doors, smoking pot for the first time and lots more. 

I've found two photos of me and Phil taken during our first years. If I come across any more I'll post them. I'm also including two photos from my recent visit. One of me and my children outside the Royal Oak where I actually lived for a term and sat in the bar until the early hours, and one of me in Slug Alley. Who could forget walking back through there from the pub to the Dairy, in the pitch black?

click on the four thumbnails for larger versions - use Back to return

Geoff Turpin 66

Geoff and Phil Crozier 67 with his family outside The Royal Oak 2004 and in slug alley 2004

Geoff Turpin

Geoff with Phil
Phil Crozier and Geoff Turpin discussing camshafts?
me with my
children outside
The Royal Oak
and in Slug Alley

By the way, I live in Walsall now, leading a quiet life, but a happy one.

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