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Helen Simmonds Reunion 2003

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Judith Campbell [née Pilcher], a graphics student from 1967-70 has given us "some pics taken way back.... all about 1967/68. Lynne Jenkins was my roommate for several years at Weavers and she was lucky enough to do colour photography, I managed to get her to give me an A4 print of Weavers Cottage, the High Street night scene and of Church Street".

most of the photos have larger versions

I lived at Weavers Cottage and because a few of us did our Foundation courses at other colleges before we came to BAA we started our 3 year dip course 2 weeks before the rest of the students so that we could learn to handle a camera....ie a crash Photographic course....I think there were 7 of us in all.

On assignment clutching their Mamiya Twin lens reflex cameras are.... Lynne Jenkins (now Castell) John Kerr with whom I recently made contact, Sue Roberts (then Jackson now something else) lastly Philip Higson (who died recently in September 2003 - article here). We were all Graphics students.

Junction of Church Street and the High Street

and looking down Church Street

he'd be a '30-something' now?...

Corsham Court in it's classic view

Two montage posters using photographs I took at art college. We had a lecturer Tony del Renzio, he was Harpers Bazaar or Queen's ex-creative director and he came to Corsham once or twice a week to lecture on design. The project I chose to do with him was a fashion mailing catalogue and I used a fellow student Sue Mann (the only married student in our year) to model for me. We gathered up the most interesting clothes we could find and spent a Saturday snapping away in the Coach House. At the time I was very pleased with the resulting photographs.

During a slack time at work some years ago I decided to do a couple of montage posters using some of the photographs I took as a student. I have the two posters on my wall at the office and people often ask me who the gorgeous girl is. The other younger girl is my daughter. So the posters feature Sue Mann, married to Dave Mann....he was a painting student.....they both graduated with firsts and I believe Sue was offered a post grad place at the Royal College of Art. I'd be interested to know what happened to her.

Judith today, now living in Johannesburg.

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