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June Maidment 59-61

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Helen Simmonds' organised reunion - 2003

Helen Simmonds organised this reunion at her home in Calne on 21st June 2003.
First photo; names from L to R
top row:- John Repper (sculpture technician), Sue (S), Ann, Jezz Bishop(S), Charlie ?(S), Rod Powell(S), Anthony ?(S), Sally, Marina Graham(S), Julia Reeves(P), Jenny ?(P), David, Annette.
bottom row:- Steve Parker(S), Helen Simmonds(S), Penny Grist(P), Morag Ballard(S), Deryn Cowdy(S), Lorraine Frost(S).
[sculpture(S) & painting(P)], anyone who has not got one of those is a wife, husband, partner or child... they were at college between the years 1979 and 1986, Sue being the last to leave and Steve being the first to start.

click on the first three photos for larger versions

"It was an absolutely wonderful day and quite amazing how at ease and comfortable we all felt, many people said how special it was to get together and made you realise what a special time it had been at Corsham, a very close family feeling. Hopefully something like it will happen again for us and for others" - Helen.

Exhibition 2008

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