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June Maidment - 2001

June Maidment (Anderson) has sent us 10 photos from 1959 to '61
in a variety of backdrops from Monks Park, the Court and Beechfield.

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Group D architecture class - 1959
L to R: Peter Loosmore, Felicity Moore,
Maggie Wheeler, John Redman.

Monks Park - 1960
L to R: Gillian Coram, Roger Stennng,
John Chalke
Anne King (in wheelbarrow), Maggie Wheeler,
Peter Loosmore (I recall Peter once made me a paintbrush from his red hair!).
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Group D - July 1960
outside Harry Cliffe's painting studio?

with H. Cliffe's scooter?
L to R: Peter Loosmore, Byron Davies,
Glyn Amos, Anne King, Annabelle Whiting,
Memeika Jellicoe, Pauline Carter,
Maggie Wheeler, hidden (Terry Pope?),
Bruce Hudson.

Monks Park Motel - Spring 1961
L to R: June Maidment, Maggie Wheeler,
Deborah Wells, Janet Baker,
Annabelle Whiting
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Corsham Court back lawn, July 1961
Albert Clamp with harem (includes
Olive Booth, Maureen Williams, Ann Dowker);
Roger Bodenham, Keith Witts, Gareth Davies.

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Monks Park, July 1961
Liz (Hank) Hancock,
Annabelle Whiting, Maggie Wheeler.
Monks Park, July 1961
Caroline Henderson (Biggins),
Helena Serafin.

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Open Day 1961
The lads tackle critical theory
Errol Goldsworthy, Bill Cooke,
Bob Clayton.
Preparing for Open Day, July 1961
June Maidment, Tim Threfall.

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Beechfield, summer 1960
Terry Pope, Joan Grant, Annabelle Whiting?s rearview.
This must be Design Day.

This excerpt is taken from staff profiles on the website of the California Academy of Sciences.
"June Anderson has been a staff member of the Anthropology Dept. since 1983 and is currently the Supervisor of the museum's Traditional Arts Program. Specializing in urban ethnography, June conducts research and fieldwork within ethnic neighbourhoods of the Bay Area, primarily documenting the contemporary folk art traditions of the many immigrant and Native American groups in our community. Her main area of study is material culture, in particular ethnic textiles, and she has published several books on traditional artists, including studies of
Turkish weaving, an African American woodcarver, and a Hmong textile artist. In addition to local projects, June has documented weaving traditions in the Highlands of Guatemala and Ecuador, has spent five years documenting carpet-weaving in remote villages of Turkey, and has conducted fieldwork with Aborigine communities in northern Australia relevant to cultural tourism. Her current projects are studying the annual Moloka'i Ka Hula Piko Festival on the island of Moloka'i, Hawaii and documenting the annual gatherings and celebrations of California Indians."
View the site here.

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