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Pauline Allen 65-69

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Ann (Viles) Hutchings has promised "to dig out some photos from the loft sometime". So here they are, exhumed from the attic! Photos galore taken of groups and individuals from the turn of the swinging 60's decade.

click on the photos for larger versions
Group D 1959
back L to R: Bruce Hudson : Roy Hutchings
John Redman
: Margaret Wheeler : Peter Loosmore
Pauline Carter
: Jenny Golding : Glyn Amos
June Maidment

front sitting: Helena Serafin : Gillian Coram
Byron Davies
: Anne King.
Ann (Viles) Hutchings
Group at Beechfield 1960
back L to R: Peter Loosmore : Jenny Golding 
?Liz Hancock?
: John Chalke (in hat) : Annabelle Whiting
Glyn Amos
: Gillian Coram (seated) : Helena Serafin
(cuddling statue)
: Margaret Wheeler : ?in duffle coat? 
Roy Hutchings
: Susan Clegg.
Brian Woolard
Andrew Wilson's Class 1959
back L to R: Gillian Coram : Glyn Amos : Roy Hutchings
Memeika Jellicoe
: Bruce Hudson : Annabelle Whiting Helena Serafin : Pauline Carter (sitting in front).
Clifford Ellis 1962
Monks Park 1960
from front to back: Ann (Viles) Hutchings
Ann (Lewis) MacTaggart : Non Davies : Denise Davies
Dorothy Montgomery : Pam Healy.
Ann & Bob Davies

Music Room 1960
around the piano: Alison Turner : Milbra Pursell
Ann Viles (hidden) : Denise Davies (seated) : Nita Ward.
Terry Pope & Carol
known as Clovis Keath
more photos from Terry Pope below
Roy's MG at Monks Park
. click on this link:-

20 minute talk on the need for creativity in education

"I think everyone who became a teacher after attending BAA will be in sympathy with this lecture."
Ann (Viles) Hutchings 5.7.12

Milbra Pursell
has given us these two photos from 1959-61.

army camp lad, Nita Ward, Ann Viles, Milbra Pursell, army camp lads

Taken at the army camp - I think it was sports day.

Pam Healy, Ann Viles & Milbra Pursell.
Taken outside the loos at Beechfield.
Talk about exotic locations!

Terry Pope 59-62 there are more photos to be found, meanwhile...

Terry Pope

June Maidment, Jackie Godfrey
weaving in studio B16

Glyn Amos, Terry Pope
in Beechfield House 59-60

Chris Wittam, ?, ?, Kate Varney
at entrance to the Court 60-63 group

click for a larger photo

Terry Pope outside studio B16
photo by Carole Keath

Terrys 3 sites:- PHANTASCOPE : eyeBENDA
Terry Pope - Constructionist

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