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Jenni Cox - 2001

Jenni Cox has sent these 15 photos of ex-students and staff when she was at Corsham between 1979 to '82. Many are of the Ceramics course students and staff, including some from the hostels -
"44 High Street (Ultra Warm) in my day was called Tardis 'cause it went back for a long way once inside!.
I now have my mother rooting around in the bowels of her attic for a suitcase full of prints from my time at Bath - she promises me there are some there someplace"
and here they are.

Me, Jenni Cox in 1979/'80

Alma Boyes,
ex-student who came to teach.
'Alma is now head of ceramics at Brighton
but she still retains t'gritty northern accent'

Maggie Hambrook,
at home Appledore 1981/'82.

Steve Carter,
preparation for finals, Barn 1982.

Jane Parker & unknown other,
shared birthday party in the kitchen of
44 High Street 1980/'81.

Georgina McLeod nee Garland 1980...

...and again in 1981.

John Moorby,
preparation for finals, Barn 1982.

Susy Willby,
preparation for finals, Barn 1982.

Rear: 1st Year Graphics student
name not remembered, Bev Seth,
Jane Parker
, Alma and the back of
John Law
tutor, in the canteen.

Back of Mike (from Cornwall and an old
school friend of Georgina's, Graphics 1979-82)

Jane Parker and Nicole
(Sculpture? '79-'82)
water fight in 44 High Street.

Unmistakeable John Colbeck.

Jill Radford - tutor.

Claire Tipton, my 1st year room mate
1979/80 with her fiancée Nick
in the kitchen of 4 Church Street.

Lucy (King?) and Marcus 1st year Graphics
TV lounge in 44 High Street.

Jenni has also found the list of all who graduated in 3D Ceramics in June 1982. She would love to find out where they're all at! So if you know of the whereabouts of those mentioned below, email Jenni or post a message in the Guestbook.
Mary Case; Nicola Cornish; Anna Noel from Wales; Georgina McLeod nee Garland had moved to Scotland; Ursula Wheacter; Susanna Kock both returned to Germany; Steve Carter from Jersey; John Moorby (John'O); Susy Willby; Beverley Seth; Marion Robbins; Jane Parker; Virginia Raymond and two students who had deferred a year Lesley Fisher and Maggie Hambrook.

"I would also love to hear from Ant Parker from Glossop transferred from Sculpture to Graphics/Illustration '79-82, platonically sharing the flat in 2nd year with Georgina, kept hamsters and was a little bit 'naughty' with fireworks resulting with an unfortunate encounter with the Police (as did Georgina !!)".

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