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Simon Caslaw 82/85

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Nigel Ayers - 2001

Nigel Ayers has sent in this group of photos for your delectation - the comments are all his own.

Nigel tastes blood in the first piece of *video art to be made in Corsham, November 1977.




*I hired a monstrous B&W reel to reel from Bath Arts Workshop to do this piece.

A rainy day in Corsham High Street, 1977.
Nigels' face is attacked by three baby crocodiles in the garden of 44 High Street, Corsham, 1975.

Phoar! What a scorcher!
Sculpture school life model Stella
relaxes by the pool, 1977.

Nigels' corner of the Corsham sculpture studio in 1976.
They used to give students grants to do this kind of thing!

The lovely Jane Turner demonstrates the
latest in kitchen appliances, Corsham '76.
Jane later taught at BAA when they moved to Bath.

Sculpture tutor Mike Pennie poses as a garden gnome, 1976.
Now Prof. Mike Pennie at BSUC.

Tom Brammer, inspecting that kitchen appliance, 1976.

Ian Allen puts a lick of paint onto his chair. It is in preparation for an evening of performance art in which he shaves one of his legs and removes the hair from the other with Immac. Corsham 1975. 
They used to give students grants to do this kind of thing!

...and now, even more photos excavated from the 'bowels' of Nigel's attic!

Peter Brook-Ball in 1976.
(or some other bloke with a beard).

A lass with four eyes three noses and two mouths, and a lass with some strange sort of umbrella.
Beechfield sculpture school, 1976.

Nick Bastable plugs his latest book 
while Nigel Ayers feeds his face.
Monks Park, 1976.

Installation by Nigel Ayers.
Monks Park, 1976.

visit Nigels' 'Earthly Delights' website

just one earthly click away

Nick Bastable, 1976.
A legend in Slug Alley.

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