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Robert Baxter 74/75

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Claudia Campbell - 2001

Many thanks to Claudia Callaway (Campbell) for supplying the photos and especially this account of her time at Corsham and life thereafter. An update has been added to her page about a recent reunion she had with some old friends!

"The story about the halloween party is my favourite - that event was my "introduction" to the college life at Corsham and made a huge impression on my young, naive southern Georgia mentality - I'll never forget it. I thought I had arrived at the coolest place on earth! Who WAS the famous tombstone??
I lived in a 4 bedroom flat over "Ultra-Warm" in the high street. My roommate the first year was Mary Kenny from Birmingham (sculpture), then she moved down the hall to a single room and I shared with Emma Harvey who was also from Birmingham, and a ceramics student. She eventually married a local, Dave Bevan, and the last I heard was still living in the Corsham area (though that was many years ago).
My last year at BAA was spent living over the Optician's across the street and being besotted with the landlord of the Duke of Cumberland, Bob Wiltshire. We married that summer (1980) and lived in Calne for 3 years before moving back to the States. Sadly, my marriage to Bob didn't work out, but we lasted 13 years and he and his children were all able to become American citizens. I am remarried now to a wonderful Atlanta guy, 5 years this June, and we have a beautiful daughter, Grace who is only 3 (talk about late bloomers!). I have been very blessed and now enjoy living back in the small southern town where I grew up, enjoying being near, but not IN Atlanta.
I have been lucky, and have had what I consider a "comfortable" career in graphic design. Worked over the years for a couple of good agencies in Atlanta on some great accounts such as Coca-Cola and Kimberly-Clark. I've been a self-employed contractor for Kimberly-Clark (Kleenex & Huggies, etc.) for the past 6 years now, working out of my home and only having to travel in to Kimberly-Clark in Roswell one day a week."

Claudia Campbell & Mary Kenny.

Claudia in 1980.

Claudia Campbell & Mary Kenny

Claudia in 1980

Emma Harvey did pottery, where are you now?

Lynne Wilkes from graphics.

Mary Kenny from Birmingham, now living in Scotland.

Emma Harvey did pottery,
where are you now?

Lynne Wilkes
from graphics

Mary Kenny from Birmingham,
now living in Scotland.

Trevor Richards married Nicky Lintern.

Nicky in a romantic pose!

Trevor Richards married Nicky,
Website via Links Page

Nicky Lintern
in a romantic pose!

Jan McFarlane (Saxton)
in a pensive mood!

Looks familiar, but who were you?

Another name to the face, job!

John Leslie
correction by The-Man-In-The-Hat

 A 'youthful' Peter Wells
1977 - '78

Another name to the face, job!

Rob...? great hat mate!

etching technician on his break in the canteen

Robbie Fry
78-79 foundation

Ryan Aust etching technician
worked with Dave Harding

....and today...
Claudia & William at a party June 2001 with their daughter Grace, aged 3

BAA friends mini reunion - April 2002

On a recent business trip to the UK from the States, Claudia phoned the only telephone number she had in her book, which was Nicky & Trevor Richards who live outside London and planned to 'get together for lunch'.
"Then a really funny thing happened - 2 days before I was was supposed to leave for Paris, I get an email out of the blue from Mick Upton. He saw my posting on the BAA site, and wanted to say 'Hi'. He lives in London too, so I told him of my trip and asked him to get in touch with Nicky!
Well to cut along story short, Mick knew where 2 other classmates were that I had been looking for and arrangements were made to meet for Sunday lunch at Nicky & Trev's house in Kent. Mick kindly picked me up in London from my hotel and we had a fine time reminiscing on the drive down. It was wonderful seeing Nicky & Trev - it was like we all stepped back in time and picked right back up where we left off. Another from our gang, Tim Goulding had kept up with Mick too, and it turned out that he lived only about 20 minutes from Nicky's house. So he arrived, also with his wife and kids and we had a priceless, memorable afternoon. The only one missing from our original 'clique' was Neil MacKay and Mick gave us all the news on him - he lives in a Chateau in France now. Well we called him on the phone while we were all together, and gave him a shock! He was so surprised to hear from us and we all took turns talking to him on Mick's cell phone. We had such a great time that no one wanted to leave. Nicky ended up cooking pizzas for dinner and we all stayed until after 10pm (some lunch)!! It was a day I will never forget."

BAA Friends
Tim Goulding : Nicky (Lintern) : Trevor Richards : Mick Upton : Claudia (Campbell)
almost all Graphics 1977 - '80, except Trev who was painting, same years.

BAA Families
& Tim Goulding with their son and daughter,
Mick Upton (married Ann who was a frequent visitor to Corsham)
Trevor & Nicky Richards with their two girls.


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Nicola Richards
(Lintern) passed away suddenly on March 7th, 2012.
Simon Caslaw 82/85