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Robert Baxter attended for only one year 1974-75 but has very fond memories of his time at Corsham. The next seven photos are "some old pics I just found, scanned from negatives. We were all in the same group from 1974 onwards".

Steve May
"Steve came to Corsham with me from
Colchester School of Art along with Terry Trower."

Helen Harris
"Helen was always incredibly picture shy
and I was amazed to find one of her at all,
even though she is hiding behind her hair."

Elaine Hale
"Elaine was Helen's best friend at the time and
she was married, or as good as, to a nice chap
called Robert and had their own flat in Bristol."

Nigel Kinglake Jones
"My best mates at Corsham were Helen and
Nigel Kinglake Jones."

Sue Peebles & Tristram Woolston

Sylvia Massey
"who stayed at Corsham for a year."

Me - Robert Baxter
"taken a few months after I left"

David Heale did fine art painting from 1973 to '76 and has sent in this great image for us all to view. "this is the only photo I have of my days at Corsham!" 

Q..."is this just a cheap scam to get nudity on your site?"
"definitely, and I want more!"

click on the photo for a larger version
clcik for a larger version

"we would go skinny dipping in a secluded part of the river at Lacock... photo must be summer 1975...
David Heale (BUZZOTTA... it's a long story.. lets not get into that.. non de plume) - centre.
the famous
Stella/fine art sculpture model...to the rear;
and is that
Lucy Webster lurking in the bulrushes?...to the right...
crikey, I've not seen this myself in years.... memories memories...."

~ originally submitted by David earlier this year ~

Sadly, I have to report that David Heale also known as "Buzz" who was at BAA (Painting) in the mid-70s, died on Friday 9th May 2004 at home in Looe, Cornwall after an asthma attack. He leaves his partner, Steffi and their 3 boys. He’ll be greatly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to have known him.

"The stars are matter
We’re matter
But it doesn’t matter"

Don Van Vliet

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