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Clare Thompson 82-85

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Kevin 2009

Kevin Parker  Fine Art 1977 - 80

I was on the Fine Art painting course from 1977 to 1980 & have fond memories of my time in Corsham. The majority of the photos are scanned from old black & white polaroids so the quality isn't great & I apologise in advance to all those whose names I can't recall or any that I get wrong. It does all seem a long time ago now.

The first batch were taken at Beechfield during my first year there.

Second lot were all taken at a garden fete type event held at the back of Corsham court during my first year there.

Third group were all taken at the hostel or just outside. During my time at Corsham I lived at the hostel that was 2 Church Street, much of the time sharing a room with Hugh Hales Took.

Then two more photos taken during my second year at Corsham.

Finally a batch of photos all taken during my final year.

from my first year there

Beechfield 77-78

Jane Ostler, Fiona Thompson & ?, seem to be doing a spot of gardening.

Duncan Clarke, Jane Ostler & Lee Newman

Jane Ostler & Lee Newman

Striking a pose with Anna Dutto in the first year painting studio.

Me posing again in the first year painting studio.

Duncan Clarke flies a kite.

Rosey Jones, Hugh Hales Took, Duncan Clarke, Trevor Shearer & Ben Averis outside the first year painting studio - B14?.

Again outside the studio with most of the first year painting students here. Back row. ?, Trevor Shearer, Nick Gammon, Ben Averis, Ceri Davis( I think? did ceramics?), Peter?, Glimpsed behind can just be seen Peter Wells & Hugh Hales Took, Trevor Richards, Duncan Clarke, Rosey Jones & Jackie Alden. Front row. Rosie Ritchie, Angela Sears, Anna Dutto.

Trevor Richards with some of his work. Can`t tell who is on the bicycle. Same location.

Garden fete type event, back of Corsham Court 77-78

Fiona Thompson runs a treasure island stall which I think I helped her with.

Jane Ostler & Hugh Hales Took sketched portraits.

Hugh & Jane again.

Rosie Ritchie & Trevor Richards attend the event.

Max Keeling & Charlie ?

At or around the hostel, number 2 Church Street 77-80

Emma Harvey passes by.

Hugh plays guitar in the small yard that was the back garden.

Roger Sharpe in the doorway of number 2. Roger is a friend I'd met while on my foundation course & still lives nearby with his wife Sue (formally Smith, she was also at Corsham) & their two children.

Hugh poses with fire extinguisher & tape moustache outside number 2.

Hugh with frying pan, the girls name escapes me. Outside the kitchen at number 2.

Hugh relaxes with a cup of tea in the back yard of number 2.

Me, leaning from the hostel window looking towards the often frequented Pack Horse pub.

Hugh leans from the other window with the church in the background.

Me & Tom Brammer pose in front of mercedes benz parked in Church Street.

In the back yard of 2 Church Street. Me with loaf, Rogers friend Chris (visitor), Roger.

Roger & Hugh (in frog mask) in the driveway of Corsham court with a few props taken to the location.

Hugh (again in frog mask) relaxes in chair in the Corsham court driveway.

A group of mainly graphics students on the occasion of Rogers 18th birthday taken in the back garden of 5 Church Street?

Roger hanging around in back yard of 2 Church Street.

In the painting studios during my second year

Duncan Clarke, Myself & Steve King in front of one of my creations.

The girl behind me is Liz, the girl in front could be Heather?, both were 3rd year sculpture students?, & this is the 3rd year painting studio?, which I worked in the following year.

My final year 79-80

Chloe Tarling & me eating granny smith apples in a photo booth somewhere.  Chloe was a second year painting student who shared a small corner of the 3rd year painting studio that Rosie Ritchie & myself did our best to completely take over.

Me in 3rd year painting studio about to attach large paper mache balloon based artwork to the wall.

Me again. Same mission.

Rosie Ritchie in the studio.

Bridget Gay, a 2nd year graphics student at the time. We did bump into each other some years later in Basingstoke & did keep in touch for some years after that while we both lived in London.

Outside by the side of the 3rd year painting studio?, with a rubbing of my bicycle done on the spur of the moment.

My student card of that year.

Rosie Ritchie with some of her artwork in the studio.

Sat outside the painting studio, I think, Rosie Ritchie & a girl ??, seem to wonder if I'll ever replace those old jeans.

Me in the studio with that large balloon based artwork.

Chloe in the studio.

A friend called Shelley ?surname?. 2nd or 1st year sculpture student at the time.

These days I'm living in Basingstoke ...

These days I`m living in Basingstoke ...

a recentish one of me with pet bantams

... (Amazingstoke or Boringstoke depending on your point of view) where life is good with wife Mandy, stepson Rob & pet bantams Marilyn & Raven. Any creative energies these days tend to be spent photographing the local landscape & wildlife or on various gardening projects.

With fond regards sent to all those old friends I hope are keeping well & happy. Kevin P. XXXXXX

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