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Ray Brooking 80-83

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Clare Thompson  Graphics  1982 - 85

These pictures were taken in the grounds of Beechfield in June 1985 and show many of the students from Visual Communication 1982-85. I think we were all celebrating and there may have been some extra people there which is why I can’t remember all the names. I remember Ashley Hicks, our very own Royal, bringing other young Royals to our degree show. One evening around then we had a huge celebration somewhere in Bath when everyone dressed up. Some of the photos show people gathering in the car park at Corsham Court to get the coach there.
I kept in touch with some people for a while but lost touch when I went to California for 5 years.
Memories include: lots of parties/bands at the union hut and in hostels. Snow in the winter of 1984-85 when some students made an igloo in the garden of 40 High Street – it was so cold it lasted ages. A student trip to Paris in the minibus run by Steve Woolford and John Furnival – staying in a wonderful farmhouse, visiting lots of galleries, drawing, and cooking food all together in the evenings. The Peacocks, a visit by Ivor Cutler the poet, the amazing library at Corsham Court, the family feeling of everyone knowing everyone.

Summer of 1985

Looking back now it seems impossible to believe that we were awarded degrees for having such a wonderful time! Leaving this fairytale existence for the outside world was a huge shock at first, but the experience enabled many more opportunities.

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