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Jane Foster 75-78

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Sue Marsdon 2004 Brenda Rogers 2004

Sue Marsdon sculpture '74-77 has sent in these seven photos.
Only one name I don't know - the young woman with Lucas Strebel, although I recognise her face.
Other people in the photos are; Peter Randall Page, Tim Danby, Christine Poole, Davina Longmuir?. Oh, and Christine's cat?

click on the leaves & water droplets 

for larger photos

Eight more photos from Brenda Rogers graphics '74-77.
Two from a holiday in France in 75 or 76, one photo with Ann Lee and boyfriend Adrian Walton-Smith & Liz Ayliffe,
the other one with Peter Thomas (painting) & Pauline Ogilvy (graphics). Thanks to Peter Thomas for recent clarification.
Two more, of Jay Smith & Dave Sperring 66-70, who had left Corsham but came down from London to visit Brenda in Neston.
They were invited to dinner in "formal dress" - so they came bearing photographed cut-outs of themselves in their "formal dress".
Other photos include Louise Block from America, Sue Dunne, Vivien Tannahill [now Monument] & of course, Brenda herself.

Sue now lives in Sudbury, Suffolk. She repairs rush & cane chairs and also works as an artists model. She still loves photography and has had three exhibitions of her work. She keeps in touch with Sue Dunne, Maureen Minchin, Corinne Gradis and Nick Bastable.

Sue's 50th birthday in Aldenburg

Brenda lives in a village near Frome with Julian (who scanned all of these photos), has a large garden and grows lots of vegetables. She has worked on some freelance design/illustration projects, but has also worked as a gardener for a number of years.
She currently works part-time in an organic walled vegetable garden attached to a hotel in Bradford-on-Avon. In recent years she has taken to print-making, and has had some prints exhibited in a Bath gallery.
Sue and Brenda met up in Aldeburgh to celebrate Sue's 50th birthday - a week in a seafront house with reminiscences of college friends - and some drawing.

Peter Thomas fine art painting 1972-75 sent us the Degree Show invitation 1975 ...usually designed by a graphics student in their final year, but does anyone know who? Mystery now solved:-
Paul Ashwell
has 'owned up' to designing this 1975 Degree Show Invite!

click on the thumbs for a Bigger Invite

and now there are a variety of original pages to view

New Students Guidance 1972

Hostel Minutes
1972 & 73

Memos, Resignation,
Appointments 1972-73

Prospectus Supplement 1973

Financial Information

click on the pages for Documents in PDF

This trip to France was in July 1975 (as are the two photos above from Brenda) of ‘a holiday in France’ and were also taken on that trip.
As a group, we stayed with the Swiss artist, Samuel Buri at his family residence in Givry, a small village in the Burgundy region.

My recollection is -  the trip was arranged by John & Astrid Furnival, they being present and friends of Samuel Buri?
The journey there from Corsham by mini bus was overnight and very long, driven mainly by Dave King (Fine Art, Sculpture tutor). The group did include more than those photographed and was quite an eventful trip all round!

Adrian Walton-Smith
and myself, Peter Thomas

Ann Lee

Kate Davis

Ann Lee : Kate Davis : Liz Aylieff

Pauline Ogilvy

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