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Peter Juerges 67-71

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Jane 2004

Jane Foster did ceramics from 1975-78 and has responded to our request to provide the photos for Mr Bath Academy nude male calendar, that were taken in 1977. She organised this 'shoot' in the stables with her co-producers, Sue McMorran and Helga Staddon. The negatives have long gone (unless Paul Coope can find them) but fortunately five large photos still exist as well as the 35mm neg. contact sheet.
Well that's the good news.
Varying contrast on the contacts means some bleached-out bodies & faces and the reproduction of them is therefore limited in their size & quality. But the gist of what went on, is still there. Naughty stuff with a rocket, animal skin, fire extinguisher (symbols of male potency!), and deckchairs? and newspapers?? and umbrellas??? and teapots???? hhmmm - oh yes, and a shagpile rug!

The photos were never published as a calendar, until now - view thumbnails  - then click the following link to download (& print) your

2005 Calendar .pdf  [1.85MB]

five photos below with a border around, have larger versions
(NB the 'Models' negatives were printed emulsion side up, hence the reversed photo)

Dick Goody - Mr January
  Mr January - Dick Goody 'the reigning Mr Bath Academy of Art 1977'...
   ...with more photos than anyone else.

   Mr February - David Theobald 'with strategic umbrella'
   Mr March - Steve Roe 'came in like a lion'
   Mr April - John Liepins 'as a fool'
Simon Cork - Mr May
   Mr May - Simon Cork (the amazing Simon Pork) 'with a teapot'


   Mr June - Trevor Barton 'not on a deckchair'
   Mr July - Simon Thompson 'as a sophisticat in dressing gown'
Peter Grey - Mr August
   Mr August - Peter [Canoe] Grey 'moonraker extraordinaire'
Paul Coope - Mr September
   Mr September - Paul Coope 'on a shagpile rug'


   Mr October - Pete Coleman 'the wine carrier'
   Mr November - Ian Allen 'as the rocketman'
   Mr December - Colin Timm 'ready to extinguish your fire'



Jane Foster & Sue McMorran from the Gang of Three

Jane Foster  Sue McMorran

Helga Staddon

boys can't have all the fun!

Tony Haase adds "the Mr Bath Academy Competition was masterminded by Suzanne Hutchinson, who was a foundation student and one of the judges was tutor - Elaine Johnson." 05 October, 2011

 more of Jane's photos are on the NEXT page


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