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Robert Currey early 70's

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Peter Juerges '67-71 graphics, has discovered 'a few pics newly unearthed from long forgotten folios'.

 (shots taken for my final exhibition)

a group of random souls assembled outside Beechfield - May '71 (I think)...
click on the photo for a larger version with names

from the same group of pictures...

a representative group of graphics tutors

featuring from left to right:
...His excellency Harry (Henry) Cliffe; Roy Salter - bookbinding and typography; Barry Millard - fine lithographic printer; the invincible - John Vince; the typo man - Mike Gray; Hansjorg Mayor? - sorry if I'm wrong; definitely Jack Shirreff; standing in for the principle man Clifford Ellis - Mao; alongside him that other follower of fashion Tony Del Renzio; Ewan Wannop as in darkrooms; far right is Sebastian Mylius - design tutor; seated front Martin Stringer - head of department.

in the graphics studio and screenprint shop.

The graphics studio and screenprint shop were located directly behind what was John Vinces house, which in turn was directly in front of Beechfield House. The fire started allegedly in the screen washing area with a gas explosion from a water heater. The drums of chemicals, cleaners, inks etc went up like a terrorist attack. I was sat in 40 High Street at the time and clearly heard the explosions. The word soon arrived down in the village as to what had happened and by the time I got up there the fire brigade were well on their way to drowning anything that had not been burnt. The third year graphics studios were adjacent to the print shop with Rosemary Ellises office between.

My work storage and workspace used to be at the front of where Rosemary is standing in the photo. Her office was behind a partition that is no longer evident in the picture. The majority of student work was saved (that's other students work) as it was just that much further away from the fire epi centre... although the entire stank of smoke, had rather scorched edges and the term water mark took on a whole new meaning. There were many days of drying out prints on the lawns and separating negs and film. The up side... no one was hurt.
Rosemary Ellis
sifting through the remains of her office
the remains of my four years work at Corsham, courtesy of the fire
(with only three months to go before the end of my course)
the outside of the screenprint shop and inside the print shop



Before the advent of the canteen at Beechfield
we enjoyed our meals in the more fitting surrounds of Corsham Court itself...

Many a Friday evening meal was pre-empted by carousers arriving straight from a bevy or ten at the Newkie gathering, possibly a few handbrake spins on the lawns etc. only to be put in our places by the most beautiful lady in the place... I can still hear her voice in a long Corsham "is it aaart" accent saying "Com' on lads- that's enough of that - lets be behavi'n now". I don't know her name... I'm not sure I ever did, but she served the dinners, ruled the kitchens & took care of us.

 These pictures are the only remaining record of this exhibition piece, lost in the fire.

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by Stephen Fairbairn 66-70
 Confessions of a Graphics Bod
by Steve Fairbairn 67-70

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