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Alice Mason 83-86

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Sue [now Fin] McMorran did 3D design ceramics, sorry... pottery to you, from 1975 to '78 and lived over the opticians with Hamish Muir, Tony Ashton and someone else (year 2 graphics). Before that in Weavers Cottage with Louise Wardle (roommate), Pam Sayle, Sue Batterham 'batteringram', Sue Peebles 'superballs' and Jan Byrne (usually with Graeme...), and Benny the hostel cat.

some of the smaller photos have larger versions

Leading the nose rides
Charlie Brentall
on the way to perform
"the princess and the nose"
in the precinct,
Queens Jubilee celebrations, Corsham 1977.

Who's the guitarist?
dancers were:- Siobhan, Gordon er?, me,
, Steve Roe, Linda Browne?
and who were the other two??

We practiced to Victor Sylvester in the sculpture school for days and drove Ken barmy.

The Queen in a papier mache carriage
Julia Lancucki being the Queen.

Julia overseeing the hobbyhorse races, Siobhan, Martha? in the shawl, and Janet Judge in the background, who is that in the brown cloak?

The nose festival (organised by Siobhan Coppinger?)
Piers Carey
and Sue McMorran in centre, dancer on right is ?Linda Browne?
In the garden at 44 High Street
Sharon Fermon (visitor), Jane Foster, Paul Coope, Anna Lambert

Pam Sayle and me Sue McMorran with a cake we made for Bill the caretaker's retirement - that was Pam's favourite cardi - see other images of her! Graeme Puckett and Jan Byrne in Weavers
eating peanut butter sandwiches.
painting is by ?Jane Strother?
Yvonne Clift and Liz Marjoram
at Bristol Bus Station, in pursuit of art,
charity shops and sausage rolls.
The Corsham Pram Race 1976
Yvonne Clift
just after she
and I represented BAA.

moody shot of Jeff Beynon (taken by Nader Khalatbary)

sawdust kiln firing at Beechfield
L to R:- Sue McMorran, Aonghus Gordon, Pete Colemen, David Green, Ann Hughes, Sue Batterham, Jane Foster, Julian West (Wez), John Potts, Paul Coope's scarf.

my degree show 1978
L to R:- the legendary Pete Canoe, Zane Stanley
and myself with the regulation sculpture school haircut of that year - hair by Piers, dress by Oxfam, degree by the skin of my teeth?

Further to the Mr Bath Academy of Art contest in 1977 I can reveal that in 1978, (some of the original contestants having left), myself, Jane Foster and Helga Staddon assembled a group of volunteers to be photographed naked (with discrete props) for the Mr Bath Academy Calendar. The photos were taken but it was never published (domage!) they were, I quote:-
January - Dick Goody 'the reigning Mr Bath Academy'
February - David Theobald 'with umbrella'
March - Steve Roe 'came in like a lion'
April - John Liepins (Fool)
May - Simon Cork (the amazing Simon Pork) - 'with Teapot'
June - Trevor 'with deckchair'
July - Simon Thompson
August - Pete [Canoe] Grey
September - Paul Coope 'on shagpile rug'
October - Pete Coleman
November - Ian Allen 'with a rocket'
December - Colin Timm 'with fire extinguisher'
Pete [Canoe] Grey, not a student but worked at Pickwick Canoe works opposite Beechfield entrance - was that called Litchfield Canoes?
Someone somewhere might still have these photos. If you have them, can we have them, got to be worth the crack even after 25 years!!

UPDATE - Jane Foster has given us these photos
now incorporated in a 2005 calendar to download & print


Greetings from the "legendary" Pete Canoe...

...as Sue McMorran said, I never attended BAA but I was living in Corsham 1975-78 and if you're in your twenties and know that Brancussi's not a pasta shape you sort of naturally end up hanging with the BAA crowd (I think I first met Piers Carey and John Repper in the Spread because they lived next door and I'd just moved in three doors down, and it was uphill from there).

 I became such a fixture about the place, attending all the social functions, dropping in to Beechfield cafeteria for lunch, helping out with all-night printing sessions or pottery firings, etc that when I announced in about March that I was leaving town in a couple of weeks, more than one person implored me not to throw it all away, but to hang on for a few months and get my degree!

Lot of water under the bridge since then, I am now a respectable member of the medical establishment in Amarillo, Texas, earning an unconscionable amount of money of which my ex-wife is very happy to relieve me.
Found a couple of pics I'd like to share; I also had a huge book of negs but it may not have survived 10,000 miles of movings. These few feature Piers Carey (sculpture), Kate Poole (graphics), Paul Coope and Jane Foster (ceramics). Paul & Jane I know you have heard from, Kate has had an illustrious (ha, ha, sorry) career as a designer for Dorling Kindersley and Piers disappeared into darkest Africa about 15 years ago.
Update:- Piers Carey has been found and lives in Durban - contact him via Jane Foster.

3 photos from Pete

click on the photos for larger versions  Paul & Jane in the Brillig, Bath on their 'His & Hers' sofa.
(many were painted by BAA students)

and this one from Paul

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