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Jacqui Alden/Anna Dutto 78/81

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Six photos over four years
"first one was on my BAA application"

Cilla (May) Watt did Graphics and was at Corsham from 1976 to '80.
She may have achieved a BAA first by bringing-up baby Hedy
while studying for her degree!

most of the photos have larger versions

click for a bigger baby!
click for a bigger photo
click for a bigger photo
4 Church Street
front with Cilla's bike & rear
and inside of her room
Top: Bath-time, Cilla with Hedy.
and below on an earlier occasion
with Caroline Jefford
click for a bigger photo
Louise Wardle at rest with her 'vinyls' and writing ...she did a lot of that!
Louise also shared the 'Film Club' organisation with Hamish Muir,
remember those arty films shown in the Barn every Friday?

Louise died on Thursday 8 July 2010
click for a bigger boat!
Three in a Boat on the River Avon.
Steering is Fiona Thompson,
Robin Watt (Hedy's dad), giving advice
Jim Manson contemplating the oars!

click for a larger version

click for a larger version

Nick Clary with the brolly
and looking out at us is Kit Hills.
Jane Ostler found these 2 photos of
Jim Manson & Fiona Thompson

click for a larger version

click for a larger version

Ruth Charlton found these 2 photos of
Fiona Thompson & Jane Malcolm
there's a bigger photo than this?
Graphics 1977 - 80  L to R and Top to Bottom
Trevor James : Ann Marshall : Phil Bawden : Colin Timm : Caroline Jefford : Davina Longmuir : David Theobald
Kit Hills : Jenny Francis : Richard Ireland : Steve Roe (centre stage)
Jane Kite : Helen Atkinson : Mike Hope : Amanda ? : Cilla May
click for a more readable photo

Who remembers this? Cilla achieving local notoriety
with her pub sign First In, Last Out in Bath.

People in photographs here can also be seen in this page and the next page.


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Colin Timm 76/79