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Davina Longmuir 76/79

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Anna Dutto & Jacqui Boyd 2002

Well to cut a long story very short... Jacqui Boyd [Alden] flew all the way from the States to get these photographs from Anna Dutto in London, then went back home and sent them to me by email for this page.

click on the photos below for larger versions

Anna Dutto entering her room
at 43 Pickwick Road in 1979
Mary Kenny : Claudia Campbell
Nicky Lintern
: Trevor Richards '79
Rosey Jones in 1978
1st year painter from 'The North East'
Anna Dutto : Trevor Richards : Kevin Parker
Jane Ostler
: Rosemary Richie at Monks Park
Nicky and Rosey Trevor and Rosey
and all 3 in Corsham Park 1979 Anna Dutto in a recent photo
Thanks to Jacqui and Anna for adding these colourful glimpses of familiar faces
Corsham - not so long ago.
another 14 photos from Jacqui
the mugshot for my
application to BAA
first day outside
3 Church Street
I never used the hair-
dressers in Corsham again
Anna Dutto in my room
at 87 Pickwick Road '78
Anna Dutto
in fancy dress
Jacqui Boyd
in fancy dress '79
Claire Baxendale in the
minibus to Monks Park '79
Susan Smith
Karen Kelsall
left Karen Kelsall
Julie Brown right
Julie Brown

and from the painting shows at Monks Park in 1979

Jacqui Alden ~ Anna Dutto ~ Anthony Viney ~ Duncan Clarke ~ Jane Ostler ~ Kevin Parker ~ Nick Gammon ~ Peter Wells ~ Silvester ~ Stephen King ~ Trevor Richards ~ Ed O'Donnelly ~ Phil Inwood ~ Trevor Shearer ~ Mark Wingrave ~ Unknowns

If you're from this time and exhibited in the painting shows at Monks Park in 1979, then view another 49 photos here sent in by Jacqui, they are presented on five pages. There are paintings by people featured on this page and many others, is your work here... are you one of the Unknowns? Can you remember even painting like this? Also included on page 5 are a few examples from Jacqui's recent work.

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more photos from this time Cilla May 76/80