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Mr Bath Academy of Art - 1977
An event to find the most 'appealing' male student at Corsham.
Held at the court pool one crazy summer.

These five photographs from the Mr BAA 1977 contest
were taken by Keith Orange.

click on them for even bigger ones!
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The Contestants
with Mr Mannings the Court caretaker as chaperone,
what a right selection of beauties in this shot.
l-r Paul St George, Roy Alexander, Graham McHarg,
Nigel Ratcliffe-Springall, ?, ?, ?, Trevor Barton,
Dick Goody
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Graham McHarg - didn't we all have snazzy suits like that once?
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Contestant No.4 - Scaramouche from sculpture.
Is that Nigel Ratcliffe-Springall behind the radical face lift?
Boobs look pretty authentic to me, but I'm no connoisseur!
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Was this Jesus walking on water beside the rivers of the Court pool?
Nope... just another hopeful contender bearing all for ART.
Some almost familiar 'blurred' faces in the background - were you there?
click on this for even bigger egos!
...and the winner is:- (in descending order of height!)
1st. Dick Goody : 2nd. Graham McHarg : 3rd. Roy Alexander

He never defended his title again.

Photos originally supplied for this page by Graham McHarg.
View these six photographs taken by him - of the Court grounds.

If YOU have any others of this event, then please send them in.

Mr BAA Calendar photos from Jane Foster
incorporated in a 2005 calendar


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