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Mike Marsden has discovered "Corsham memorabilia while sifting the contents of many loft-based dust covered cardboard boxes". These three photos from 1966 - '69 represent some of the more memorable times he had when at college. "...for me it was an extraordinary experience in the 60's". "We worked hard and played hard", and with the notoriety of the Newcastle Brown Club... probably drank a little!

The first photo was taken in the 'old' Sculpture School in the gatehouses of the Court.
It was photographed by Liz Martin, a graphics student from '66-70.

Work Hard
Dip A.D. Sculpture 1966 - '69
L to R:- Bill Watson : Mike Marsden : Jim Parker : Bob Panton : Gareth Ball : Pete Bailey
Is it a 'sculpted sphere'?... nah, more likely a football.


Play Hard
MDL 880 - that's Paddy Allens 'boozemobile'!
BAA Football Team 1968 - '69 (second season)
Front L to R:- Chad : Gareth Ball : Jim Parker : Mike Marsden : Rick Dewar
Back row:- ? : Pete Bailey : Kit ? : Tom Coyle : Bill Bolton : Dave Boal
The football strips were sky blue shirts with dark blue stripes.

Mike started the Academy football team in 1968 and called it Praxiteles.
"We played the local navy team (Royal Arthur), West of England and
Cardiff Art Colleges and always had a keen female following."

Well that's not surprising looking at those short shorts! They obviously had
good organisational skills too because everyone has the same designer kit on!!


Recreational Activities
Click on this photo for a larger version with some names displayed.
Most with names, some without.
North v South
Drinking Competition - summer 1969
Located at Beechfield near the painting huts.
The Newcastle Brown Club present a 10-a-side competition between those
hardened boozers from the North (surely not 'just past Watford') and the South.
The North won with something like 98 bottles to 93 with only the
'Brown Stuff' being permitted.
[Liz Martin says the other side won!]
If you can identify anyone else in the photo, please let us know.

from Marion Manheimer - North Versus South Beer Drinking Competition, Beechfield 1969
Alan Hext, Rick Dewar, Mike Marsden and Jim Parker recognisable - mouseover the photo to zoom in closer
photo was probably taken by Jay-Jonathan Smith.


On celebrities who visited the college...
"In 1968 (or was it '69) Jasper Johns paid an unofficial visit to Beechfield.... in '67 Claus Oldenburg gave a talk in the barn at the Court, he had a big exhibition at the Tate and only gave three talks in England, one at the Royal College, one at Chelsea and the other at Corsham.... Jim Dine did a series of etchings at the College in '68.... in '68 (I think) John Martyn (singer extraordinaire) was hired by the Students Union to perform upstairs in the back room at the Royal Oak, hardly anyone turned up, and the rest is history as they say."

...and of personal experiences at Corsham.
"I really have a whole range of responses to the memories it stirs, some cherished, others full of regret, one or two so special, many embarrassing. And then the secret ones where one developed spy-like skills in order to maintain them as such, whilst all the time living and working in a very closed community. I am sure most ex-Corshamites recognise this mix."

...more photos from Marion Manheimer 67-69

Tim Nevitt

Heini Schneebeli

Hans Knuchel

first 4 photos have
larger versions

Dave Boal

Clive Adams & Tony Stokes
at No 8

Susan Flaherty has just recently discovered the site thanks to an email from Mike. "I've been living in Mexico for 24 years, came here on route from Sydney (8 years there), passing through but stayed, and work in editorial design and illustration. I could only find a few photos (why didn't we take more photographs!) - from my group John and Barbara, Penny Davenport, and Kai Moe". Sue did ceramics from 1966 to '69.

John and Barbara
Kai Wood Moe
Penny Pischler (Davenport)
Susan Flaherty 1968...                       ...and 2001


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by Stephen Fairbairn 66-70
 Confessions of a Graphics Bod
by Steve Fairbairn 67-70

Pete Bailey obituary

SculptorBAA '66-69
b.1944-d.30 Jun 2005
Paul Badger 74/77