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Felicity Aylieff (BAA Ceramics 1973-77)

Soft Blue Bowl

LONDON ROAD BATH BA1 6PY TEL 01225 426 791 FAX 01225 426 806


Viewing: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm. Please ring first.

This exhibition is being mounted to coincide with the Felicity Aylieff touring exhibition ‘Sense and Perception’ which will be on show at the Victoria Art Gallery Bath from March 8 - April 27. At Seven Worcester Terrace Aylieff will be showing a body of smaller scale work which very appropriately reflects the proportions and design of this more domestic space. We will be showing Aylieff’s work along side the paintings, prints, and cut-outs of her fellow artist Malcolm Ross-White.


Felicity Aylieff’s most recent sculptures have in part moved away from their ceramic roots, her pared down forms are now more monumental and abstract in nature. Yet at the same time some of the more significant issues of this work still remain within the sensual and tactile domain of ceramics with the concerns of form, mass, and surface treatment, still paramount. If anything her art now pared down and concentrated, suggests an intensification of these preoccupations.

So Aylieff still works with clay because it gives her work the qualities she needs of both form, surface and colour that can’t be found so readily in other materials. Through out the whole working process of moulding, firing and finishing the clay is always used sympathetically, with Aylieff’s very precise production techniques never forcing it to work against its nature. The special clays or composite materials that Aylieff has created have been carefully developed with the addition of aggregates of porcelain, terracotta and glass, which not only strengthen the building qualities of the clay but also produce the firm, smooth, highly polished surfaces that are so characteristic of her work.

The unique quality found in Aylieff’s new work comes from her very personal and intuitive exploration of form, with each piece she makes being used to heighten our understanding of form as she invites us to question what we are seeing, touching and thinking.

Some of Aylieff’s most recent solo exhibitions include ‘Felicity Aylieff, new work an evolution,’ The Scottish Gallery Edinburgh; ‘Felicity Aylieff’ Galerie Marianne Heller, Heidelberg, Germany; and ‘Sense and Perception’,
Manchester Art Gallery.


Malcolm Ross-White lives and works in both Bath and the Correze region in France and the exuberant and exotic paintings, prints and cut-outs on show at Seven Worcester Terrace are in the main based around his life in the garden, house and countryside of France.

A central concern in Ross-White’s work is his recognition that across the history of western art cultural exchange has always been crucial; with artists of all disciplines borrowing and repaying both intellectually, aesthetically and spiritually, to enrich and energise their own work.

This cross-cultural exchange, has recently become even more available with the expansion and accessibility of travel, and with the future growth of satellite television and virtual reality it Will be possible for us to travel world-wide even more easily, via the screen. All this has considerable significance for Ross-White’s work which reflects this increasingly more accessible fertile exchange of ideas.

So travel is an important influence on the work of Ross-White, and particularly since in the mid 80’s he visited Papua New Guinea, travelling along the Sepik river staying in villages at night and travelling in the day by canoe. On the same trip he visited the Central Highlands experiencing the ever increasing cultural changes brought in by foreign development companies. Malcolm believes that both these experiences had a strong influence on him and have proved a powerful inspiration for all his subsequent work.

Ross-White has exhibited widely and his work is included in private collections in England, Switzerland, France America, and Japan.

For further information artist’s CVs and images telephone Sheelagh O’Donnell on 01225 426 791.

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