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A selection of photographs from that years edition
of the Academy prospectus.
Stable Block (Pottery) at Beechfield.
First two figures (left to right) unclear, first possibly Roger Veal,
man holding hose Wyn Griffiths?, the chap standing on the right
looks like Christian Sell.
Staged 'Art History Seminar' in the Chinese Room at the
Court (where all would-be students were interviewed in the 1950's).
L to R:- Deryn O'Connor (1956-59), the two next to her unidentified.
Far side of table (L to R) Nick Hammond (1956-60), Joyce ---- (1956-59),
Sheila Wycherley (1956-60) whose face is partially obscured by Janet Brown
(1956-59), Maureen 'Mo' Worlock, leaning on back of chair, Cathy Hayes, and
Bunty Spence. The last three were at BAA from 1956-60.
Stable Courtyard (Pottery) at Beechfield.
L to R:- with hand on large pot,
Alison Chaplin
faced by
Deryn O'Conner
, with
Rosemary Cordess
in the background.
Another staged shot from the early 1950's,
a perennial image in the Prospectus entitled
'Chamber Music in the State Rooms'

- when, and how often did that happen, eh?
The grounds at Beechfield, looks like Design Day,
with Josh Patridge sitting cross-legged in the background. Others are unidentifed except for person standing at the far right who looks like Mary Crompton. (All N.D.D. students from the 1959 year of entry.)
Litho Studio
Tony Hoyle printing, figure on left unclear
- Melvyn Turner, perhaps?
Theatre Workshop at Monk's Park (1959 intake)
putting on an official production of 'Billy the Kid', a Modern Dance Show
performed by Group E under the guidance of a male Canadian ballet
dancer, on a short-term contract. Can anyone remember his name?
L to R:- John Hood : John O'Neil : Alan Dunn (lead role of Billy?)
[info update by John Hood]


Staff listed for 1961 - '62
Principal:- Clifford Ellis
Deputy Principal:- Isabelle Symons
Principal Tutor:- Martin Froy
Bursar:- Bryan Fisher
Lecturing staff:- Gillian Ayres, Helen Binyon, Victor Belcher, Nancy Boileau, Henry Boys, Richard Bloomfield, Henry Cliffe, William Crozier, Russell Dawson, Robyn Denny, John Eaves, Rosemary Ellis, Colin Giffard, Adrian Heath, Mary Hick, Howard Hodgkin, Kenneth Hoole, John Hoskin, Malcolm Hughes, Wanda Keil, Lionel Ladbrooke, Edward Malins, Nell Moody, Henry Mundy, Thea Musgrave, John Roberts, Stephen Russ, Elizabeth Simpson, Peter Startup, Riette Sturge Moore, James Tower, Andrew Wilson, Peter Wright.
Principal visitors:-
Painting - William Scott
Sculpture - Kenneth Armitage.

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by Roger Shapley 59-63
BAA Prospectus 1962