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A selection of photographs from that years edition
of the Academy prospectus.

Aerial photograph of Corsham Court
This appeared in all prospectuses during mid 1950's to early 60's.
Specially staged 'propaganda' shot of students
supposedly drawing in the State Rooms.
L to R:- Tina Hoyle, Barry Biggins,
Rosie Brandfoot.
Life drawing classes in the Barn.
left Ann Russell [Hart] and Heather Burnley.
Group drawing in Monks Park Quarry (1956 intake).
Only two people positively identified:-
Roger Veal far left & Coral Williams one in from far right.
The Lithography Studio
L to R:- Doug Reilly (a Canadian student) and
Michael Johnson
preparing litho. plates
[Both were students 1954-58].
Dorothy Elliott [1957-1960]
working outdoors in the Sculpture Yard.
Pottery at Beechfield
L to R:- Gillian Shepherd(?) [1956-60],
Jasper Jewett [1955-59?],
figure in background
unknown (Mike Cuzner or Bob Tarling?).
Performance of "The Pied Piper of Hamelin"
at the Theatre Workshop at Monks Park (1957 student intake).
L to R:- (foreground) - Diana Cooper? (face just out of shot);
Eric Richardson
?, Bobby Mills (Gill); Wendy Gilbert (Hick)
with her hand to her mouth; Alwyn Birch, and Gill Bishop.
At the back, left to right, (under the canopy) two unidentified,
then Mike Cuzner, Mark Cornelius, Dick Allan,
Bert Eastman
and Kate Hawkins.


Staff listed for 1958 - '59
Principal:- Clifford Ellis
Deputy Principal:- Isabelle Symons
Principal Tutor:- Martin Froy
Bursar:- Bryan Fisher
Lecturing staff:- Helen Binyon, Victor Belcher, Nancy Boileau, Henry Boys, Henry Cliffe, Nancy Cummings, John Eaves, Rosemary Ellis, Anthony Fry, Colin Giffard, Adrian Heath, Mary Hick, Howard Hodgkin, John Hoskin, Wanda Keil, Bruce Kent, Lionel Ladbrooke, Edward Malins, Peter Potworowski, John Roberts, Stephen Russ, Riette Sturge Moore, Andrew Wilson, Peter Wright.
Principal visitors:-
Painting: William Scott
Poetry: James Kirkup
Sculpture: Kenneth Armitage.

           Autumn Term:
           24 September - 16 December 1958
         Spring Term:
           8 January - 25 March 1959
         Summer Term:
           30 April - 15 July 1959.


If YOU have other year prospectuses, please let me know.

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by Roger Shapley 59-63
BAA Prospectus 1960