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The Obituary Page  our gone-but-not-forgotten friends from Corsham

Mike Marsden
Mike (sculpture 65-69) died peacefully on 16th April 2022. He was vice president/press officer of the first BAA students union (I think). An enthusiastic member of the football team and the 'Newcastle Brown Club'... does anyone remember the 'North verses South' drinking competitions?
He studied sculpture and spent much of his life teaching, which he loved. If there is anyone around who remembers him and would like to join his family at the Methuen Arms in late July please contact 07383 990608

These photos from Mike Marsden's page on this site.

Frances Kingsnorth (Marsden)  20 May 2022

Rosemary Gough
My mother, Rosemary Joyeux nee Gough, was a Corsham student from 1951-54. I have photos of her time there and talked to her about her experiences. My mother died a few years' back but in the online obituary published by the Guardian, we mentioned her time there.

Rosemary Joyeux became the head teacher of an innovative school in Bedford for children from around the world.

Dominic Joyeux - 25 January 2022

click on the PDF for 'Rosemary Gough memories'
compiled by her son Dominic Joyeux - 4 Feb 2022

Ian Lawson - Lithography Instructor
Sadly killed in a car crash in Herefordshire on the 17th November 2021.

Photo by Simon Farrel with light meter (BAA Graphics), sitting next to Ian Lawson circa 1972.

Angus Davis - 2 December 2021

Colin Painter
In 1984 he took up the post of principal Bath Academy as it moved into Bath College of Higher Education. He died age 82 ...read more from The Guardian obituary 

Graham Day - 13 August 2021
Steve Woolford
I'm sorry to have to tell you that my brother Steve Woolford, who worked at Corsham (and later for a while at the Bath site) died last Saturday.
Neil Woolford - 8 June 2021
Steve Woolford in 1985 - page link
Steven Roe 76-79
BAA Graphics
Steve was at Corsham from 1976 until 1979 and I'm sure he will be remembered by many of the students who were there during those years.
After leaving BAA, he and I (Richard Ireland) moved up to London to start our graphic design careers and carry on a lifelong friendship. His first job was at Hedgehog Design, a small studio in Chiswick and from there he moved to Tecno, a camera dealership in Hammersmith and then to a City advertising agency called Response. Here he really made his mark and went on to form his own Design/Ad Agency 'Consort' along with fellow director Ray Perry. Specialising in financial advertising, Steve's work was greatly respected and the company was very successful, building an international client base. He moved out of London a few years ago, down to Pembrokeshire with his wife Pippa. He was still making regular trips up to town and working remotely on major projects.
He was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in early 2020, just before the Covid 19 lockdown. Right up to a few months before his death, he was still at the helm of the company. His courage and attitude was humbling. He had a list of jobs that he was determined to complete before the inevitable and he coped with the increasing fatigue, pain and drug side-affects in such a way that it made it so much easier for those around him.
He will be missed so much, a great, multi-faceted talent, and a splendid human being.

Steven Roe. 22nd June 1957 - 1st November 2020

Richard Ireland
 - 10 March 2021

Andrew Bailey 70-74
I have just heard that Andrew Bailey has died after a long illness. A great friend and brilliant musician. He studied graphics 1970-74. He retained a small circle of friends but will be missed by those who might remember him. I've attached a scribbly cartoon of him that might jog memories.
John Furnival Graphics Tutor
John Furnival, who has died aged 87, was a leading figure in visual and concrete poetry from the 1960s onwards. He began teaching at the Bath Academy of Art, which was based in Corsham, Wiltshire, in 1965. He remained at the academy (continuing after its return to Bath as the Bath School of Art and Design) for 35 years, becoming one of its best loved artist-teachers.
John suffered from the effects of a stroke in the last few years of his life. With unflagging purpose, he counted himself lucky that his “working” side was unaffected. He made new works on a daily basis.
John is survived by Astrid and their children, Eve, Jack, Harry and Claudia, and grandchildren, Joe, Martha, Dora and Lucas.
John Furnival, artist, born 29 May 1933; died 31 May 2020
Read more from The Guardian 

THE FURNIVAL OF JOHN FUNERAL - Photos from the day

Tom Coyle 68-71
BAA Sculpture
Tom Coyle was a sculpture student from 1968 - 1971. He died in June 2020 after a short illness, leaving a son and two granddaughters.
Biddy Coyle (Tom's ex wife) 
John Kerr 67-70
BAA Graphics
My good pal John Kerr, "Our Johnsy" to his colleagues at Corsham, passed away on the evening of September 13th 2020. He had been struggling with a complicated form of cancer for several years.
John was a very expert graphic designer and a fine pianist, but it was in electronic music that he really excelled. I remember his very first efforts in that field - he made a wooden box that squawked - while we were still at Corsham.
There is also a blog about him by Paddy Goff from a couple of years ago which contains one of his last compositions on from the album Prelude to a Requiem. A beautiful piece of work with choral effects of his own invention.
Steve Fairbairn
And from Rob Moens  is the funeral service card and his personal recollections of his friend and life-long partner.   
Dave Mann 66-70
BAA Fine Art
Dave died in June 2019 from a fall at his house in Wales. He was the first President of the newly formed students union. A renowned teacher and typographer, indefatigable gallery goer, brilliant cook and a good friend for over 50 years. Sadly missed.
Graham Day 
Stephen Seal 83-86
Stephen attended Bath Academy at Corsham Court in early 1980's and obtained a BA Graphics Degree.
He sadly died on 1 June this year at his home in Bath. He was suffering from Motor Neurone Disease since he was diagnosed 4½ years previously. He was extremely talented and highly regarded.
Stephens wish is to be buried but the service will take place assigned for cremations at Haycombe Cemetery, Bath on Friday 5 July at 1pm. Friends who knew him are welcome to attend, fellows to wear a coloured tie and the girls goilour. No flowers - donations to Motor Neurone Disease.
Deanna Seal
(Stephen's mum) 
Simon Chadwick 60-65
Was at Corsham in the 1960’s. I am Simon’s widow. Sadly Simon died in Bristol Royal Infirmary on May 12th. He had been very ill with heart disease and was in Intensive Care in an induced coma. He was 75.
I met Simon in 1966 when I was also at Corsham and we married exactly 50 years ago today. We had four children. He died peacefully with me and our youngest, Andrew holding his hand.
Many past students from Corsham came to the funeral and took part. Jon Willcocks did the eulogy and Mark Prescott and Jenny Brookes (Greenwood) did readings. Representatives from Bath Spa University, where he had volunteered as a mentor also attended.

He is greatly missed.
Maggie Chadwick (nee Bullivant 1964-'67)

Karl Geriche 76-79
Died in January 2016 after a long illness.   
Biddy Coyle  29 March, 2019.
Gordon Whittle 70-73
Studied ceramics at Corsham, setting up his pottery locally. It was an impressive turnout with lots of old Corsham faces for the funeral. His widow Dorothy would like to thank the many friends for attending. Gordon Whittle 1934-2018 RIP  
Graham Day  19 March, 2018.
Liz Lal (nee Rice) 64-67
Sadly died of cancer yesterday (25 July) after a 6 month battle. She continued to make art right up until last month. It was always imaginative, sensitive and full of life.
She was versatile. An expert thrower in the pottery, she also worked in many different media throughout her life. Several of us from that time have kept in touch all through the 52 years and are still firm friends. A group of us were there to encourage her through these last tough months, when she suffered so much.

Here is a photo of Liz throwing in the pottery at Beechfield in 1966. Ian Auld praised her talent.

We will never forget her.
Maggie Chadwick (nee Bullivant)  26 July, 2017.

Jeff Beynon 73-76
Another sad loss with Jeff passing away from an apparent heart attack back in January 2017. His Facebook page is still here for you to catch up with his latter years. For the past 3-4 years Jeff was working at Amazon, and had bought his own little home.
Nader Khalatbary   April 2017.
Martin Froy 54-65
Professor Martin Froy was Head of Painting at Bath Academy of Art from 1954 to 1965.
A ceremony will be held on the 14th February 2017 - 12pm at the Henley Woodland Burial Ground. After the funeral the family will gather for food and drink at the Maltesers Arms at 1pm.
If anyone would wish to attend please contact his daughter Francesca Froy, she has requested that the wider community should know.
Paola Bassindale Bath Spa Alumni Relations Officer  7 Feb, 2017.
Kate Rechter 79-83
Jeff King from Devon told me this evening that Kate Rechter has died. She was in graphics from 79 to 83 with gap year. She was a real character and will be remembered by many students.
An original and kind woman, she had friends from all disciplines.
We will remember you.
Jeremy Pugh 11 May, 2016.
Martin Potts 71-74
Martin Potts was a painter at Corsham and graduated in 1974, he died summer 2014.
The link below is a video of Richard Smith in memory of Martin. 

Martin Potts selected by Richard Smith on Vimeo

Kate Harris (Davis) 4 May, 2016.
Andrea Garrihy 68-71
Andrea was born in Halifax in Yorkshire on April 3 1948 to Bernard and Irma Smith. Her father was an engineer by trade, but for three generations his grandfathers were hewers and delvers in the Yorkshire quarries.
Andrea went to Whitecliffe Mount Grammar School where she was considered a bright pupil. In 1967 she gained a place at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham where she studied sculpture.
She was the first member of her family to have a university education. 
It was at college that she met a painter John Garrihy and they married in 1969 and lived in Corsham ever since.
She graduated in 1971 and took a post graduate certificate in education at Bristol University, and taught art at St Joseph's School in Swindon, until the birth of her first daughter Sarah in 1976; it was at this time that she also started to research women sculptors. 
Her second daughter Jane was born in 1979 and it was when Jane started school that Andrea began to lecture on sculpture for the Wiltshire Workers Education Association and at Cheltenham Art College. 
In January 1992 she was invited to Canada with a team of ex-Corsham sculpture students to represent England in an international snow sculpting competition. The team won second prize at Snowfest in Sarnia, Ontario and went on to a competition in Milwaukee, USA. 
In 1998, with Lorna Green and Patrick Barker, she represented the UK in the Winter Olympic snow sculpting competition in Nagano, Japan, one of 14 countries from around the world. 
She was invited to teach and lead a team of Norwegian snow sculptors in Norway in 2008. 
In 1996 she was commissioned to carve Lord Methuen’s dog in Bath stone, which can be seen in Corsham Court garden, and in 1997 she carved the Scout and Guide emblems for their Corsham headquarters. 
She was one of 1,000 artists around the country selected for ‘Year of the Artist’ Projects in 2000. This was a community project and she had a six-month residency in an empty shop in the Corsham precinct in which she gave workshops for local schools and adult groups, and produced sculptures in Corsham; seven life-sized figures of ordinary Corsham residents made out of junk. 
They were exhibited on the streets of Corsham and featured on television, on Blue Peter, for which she was awarded a coveted badge. 
Mrs Garrihy was commissioned to make a sculpture for the Neston Millennium Project and carve the Neston Knot which was installed at the Neston Recreation Ground in March 2002. 
She took part in the popular King Bladud’s Pigs art event in Bath in 2008. Hydrock was her sponsor and Rocky, her pig, was placed on top of their silo at Coombe Downe; the highest flying pig in Bath.
Andrea sadly lost her battle against cancer on March 27, 2016, aged 67.

Stephen Fairbairn 23 April, 2016.
Gazette & Herald
Patrick Edwards 50-52
Sadly died in Australia, July 2012.

Margaret Pope 25 June, 2015.
Tim Showan 53-56
This is posted for Betty Showan (Corsham 1954-1956) to announce the very sad passing of Tim Showan - 1st December 1931 - 22nd March 2014.
Tim studied Art Education/Sculpture at Corsham from 1953-1956, where he also met Betty. Their daughter, Cathryn Showan (now Kuhfeld) also became a student at Corsham (Painting 1975-1978)
* RIP *
22 March, 2014.
Nicola Lintern 77-80
Heartfelt condolences to the family of Nicola Lintern Richards, BAA Graphics '77-'80 who passed away suddenly on March 7th, 2012. Nicky is survived by husband of 34 years, Trevor Richards, also BAA, (same years, fine art) and two college-age daughters.
If you would like to send the family a card, please message me for mailing address.
Claudia Callaway  nee Campbell, 20 March, 2012.
Tim Beck 82-85
A painter the year below me so he would be there 82-85, very sweet chap, sad news.
Claire Palmer 3 March, 2012

Tim Beck died aged 49, was a polymath and bon vivant ...continue reading from The Guardian 14 February 2012
Paul Barter 58-61
By chance, in our local paper, the Surrey Advertiser, I came across mention of an exhibition related to a local art teacher Paul Barter who had worked at George Abbot School, Guildford. Paul trained at BAA Corsham 1958 -1961 and died on Saturday 26 June 2010. He has several mentions on the web (Paul Barter Artist and Teacher).
Maureen Giddings.
30 November, 2011
Jacqueline Over 55-57
Jacqueline was at Corsham 1955 to '57. I was her school sweetheart and we married in 1959. She died December 2007 aged 70.
Peter Cooke
12 October, 2011
William Crozier
Peacefully at home on 12th July 2011, aged 81 years. Much loved husband of Katharine, father of Paul and Siobhan. Funeral Service at Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham, on Tuesday 19th July 2011 at 1pm.

A prolific painter, Crozier estimated that he had painted more than 12,000 pictures, each executed in a single session. There was an impressionistic simplicity to his work, characterised by vibrant colours, energetic brushwork, distilled images and formal composition, often featuring foreshortening and dramatic contrasts between dark tones and luminous areas of colour. One critic described Crozier as offering "a heightened account of nature... landscape reinterpreted through the colours of the heart".
William John Crozier was born on May 5 1930 at Yoker, Glasgow, the second son of parents originally from Ballinderry, Co Antrim. His father was a shipyard plumber who, when William was five, was promoted to foreman at Ailsa shipyard, moving to the quiet seaside town of Troon, Ayrshire ...
Based in London throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Crozier exhibited in London, Glasgow, Dublin and all over Europe, and combined painting with teaching, first at Bath Academy of Art (with Howard Hodgkin, Gillian Ayres and Terry Frost), then at the Central School of Art (with William Turnbull, Cecil Collins and Norman Ackroyd). He also taught at the Studio School in New York and finally at Winchester School of Art, where he was head of fine art until 1987.
...continue reading from the Telegraph, 14th July 2011
Fiona Green
14 July, 2011

Monica Wynter (née Harman) 50-54
A central figure in the post-war, avant garde art scene in St Ives has died suddenly at her home in West Cornwall.
Monica Wynter, wife of famous St Ives painter Bryan, was a talented artist in her own right, as well as being a keen naturalist, gardener, singer and poet.
She was a member of the Society of Friends, a Quaker, born in Buckinghamshire 78 years ago. As a girl, she attended the Quaker school at Sidcot in Somerset, and only the evening before she died, she hosted a successful Quaker planning meeting at her house.
On leaving school, when she was Monica Harman, she went to Bath Academy of Art at Corsham and while there met the man she would later marry, the artist Bryan Wynter, then a member of the academy's teaching staff. Married in 1959, like so many artists of the time, they found their way to Cornwall and for several years lived at the Carn near Zennor where they were close neighbours of Patrick Heron and his wife Delia ...
...continue reading from the Western Morning News, 8th June 2011
uneral service is 2pm on June 18 in Zennor Church
Melanie McLoughlin
10 June, 2011
Wendy McLerie 66-67
It has sadly come to my notice that my friend Wendy McLerie (Pre Dip Graphics 1966-'67) passed away in January 2011. I had been in touch with her not so long ago and knew that she was struggling with cancer, although she made light of it. Wendy was always ready for a giggle. May the gods giggle with her.
Stephen Fairbairn
26 May, 2011
Ron Bone 68-72
Ron Bone was born in County Durham in 1950 and studied at the BAA between 1968 and 1972, graduating with a BA (hons) degree. He then went on to study at the Royal College of Art, London in 1973, leaving in 1976 with his MA degree. 
Ron Bone taught for some years before becoming involved with film and television. However, he turned to painting on a full-time basis some years ago and has held one-man shows in Broadway and London with considerable success. 
Group shows include the Royal Academy and the Royal West of England Academy. The paintings of Ron Bone can now be found in private collections worldwide.
 ...continue reading from John Noott Galleries website   The Guardian obituary 
Graham Day 27 March, 2011

Update Sept 2, 2012
In Memory of My Father - a London to Paris run by Josh Bone

Donald Locke 54-57
Born September 1930, Stewartville, Guyana 
Died 6th December 2010, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 
Donald Locke was born in 1930 in Stewartville, Guyana, South America, Locke began painting in 1947 under ER Burrowes, MBE, in the Working People's Art Class in Georgetown, Guyana. Awarded a British Council Scholarship in 1954, he studied at Bath Academy of Art in Wiltshire, England. In 1959 he was awarded a Guyana Government Award to Edinburgh University, Scotland.
 ...continued from his website   Atlanta Journal obituary  itzcaribbean.com
James Hart 56-59
Sadly died of cancer six years ago in 2005.
David Alexander 17 January, 2011
Hilary McManus 69-73
Died last week in Bristol.
Dave Spurring 1 November, 2010
Louise Wardle 76-79
This is to let anyone know who hasn't already heard that Louise Wardle who studied Graphics at Corsham from 1976 to 1979 died on Thursday 8 July. She had been suffering from Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (also known as LAM) for many years. Donations can be made to LAM Action and her funeral is at West Norwood Crematorium on Monday 19 July at 11.30 am.
Heather James 11 July, 2010
Michael Kidner RA 64-80
Painting tutor at BAA from 1964 to 1980. 
Born 1917, husband of the late Marion Kidner died peacefully at his Hampstead home after a long illness on Sunday 29th November 2009.
Funeral 2.00pm on 14th December 2009 at St. Marylebone Cemetery, East Finchley.
The Guardian obituary  The TimesOnLine obituary  In Memoriam
A catalogue of his exhibition in 2003, Love is a Virus from Outer Space, Flowers East, London. is here. 
Jay Smith 67-71
Graphic Design (BAA 1967-71) Passed away Nov 29 2009.
We regret to announce the death following a long illness, of Jay Smith, well known restorer/gilder of Bath. Although Jay lived and worked in Bath he had worked all over the world and had in recent years worked for the Saudi Royal family in Riyadh. He had worked on commissions for museums and many of the London trade. He had recently celebrated his 60th birthday. The funeral has been arranged for 1pm on 15 December 2009 at Haycombe Cemetary, Bath.
Malti Kidia 66-70
Studied at BAA in the late 60's - I am sorry to have to tell you that she passed away 2 years ago from cancer, having never gone back to South Africa. Sadly, we didn't get the news until too late for us to find her. 
Judy Parsons 26.8.09
James Kirkup 1918-2009 53-56  
Internationally celebrated poet, memoirist, novelist, playwright and translator, died 10 May 2009, age 91 at his Andorran home. Born in South Shields, County Durham 23 April 1918. Head of English Department at Bath Academy of Art 1953-56.
The Independent - May 2009The Independent obituary provided by Mike Keen 26.5.09 
Shelagh Brettell (née Parfitt) 1941-2009 59-61  
It is sad to have to report the death of Shelagh which occurred on the 25 March at the relatively early age of 68. She arrived at Corsham in September 1959 to finish her National Diploma in Design course, having done the first two years to intermediate level at Stourbridge School of Art. group photo 1960
She left the Academy in 1961 and did her Art Teaching Diploma in Birmingham, before going on to teach at Solihull Art School.
Mike Keen 5.5.09
Richard (Dick) Venning 59-60
Passed away peacefully at home in Heanor on Friday 11th April 2008, aged 71 years.
Dick was my art teacher from 1967 to 1972, a really smashing bloke.
Marc Koch 24.9.08
Andrew Corner-Walker 69-72
Andy died suddenly at the age of 37 in 1988 leaving a widow after being married for only a couple of months. He was at the time of his death an History of Art tutor at York School of Art.
He is very sadly missed.
Jan West 19.2.08
Pete Bateman 66-70
Died in New Zealand about 25 years ago, I am told by his girlfriend.
Kai Wood Moe 25.6.07
Michael Johnson 54-58
Michael died 29th July 2006 aged 68.
Michael was a painter all his life and has recently (September 2007) had a posthumous exhibition at Wolfson College, Oxford, to which many old student friends came. There is a photo of him here in the lithography studio with Doug Reilly, circa 1957, on the site.
I was Esther Chatterton, student 1955-58, where Michael & I met in October 1955. We married in 1959 when I became Esther Johnson. I still live in our studio in Wiltshire, some 8 miles from Corsham.
Paul Bridger 81-84
Paul was a relatively 'mature' student at the time, being then in his late 20's (!). He left in around '84, having studied painting. Sadly, Paul died about 4 years ago, 2003, aged only 49. He had a sudden heart attack and had no idea he wasn't well. He died in Rye Harbour, East Sussex, at home. Paul was a lovely bloke and an old friend.
Alice 15.5.07
Edward Hughes 73-76
Ted Hughes, potter, died this year in a climbing accident on 31st of March 2006 in Cumbria near his home. 'I was in the same year and would like to say that he was a kind and generous man'. Kate Harris (nee Davis)
I'd also need to add that Ted was a very modest guy and great potter with a unique talent in search of 'that Shoji [Hamada] element' as we used to call it, in his own work.
It was a privilege to have known him in his last year at Corsham - Gerry.The Times - 29th April 2006
2010 Retrospective: A Japanese Passion - The Pottery of Edward Hughes
Wyn Griffiths 56-59
30.5.1936 - 26.8.2006
Wyn was from Ynys Mon (Angelsey) and Welsh was his first language, and the everyday language of his home and community. 
He entered Corsham in September 1956 after two years National Service with the Royal Artillery in Germany. His interests included art, music, and fellow Corsham student Paula Davies who he married after leaving BAA in July 1959. During the many impromptu folk music and skiffle sessions at Beechfield or the pubs he was a leading performer on ukelele, banjo ukelele or guitar - later in life; like many Welshmen, he became a member of a Male Voice choir. 
His first art teaching post was in Essex but within a few years of leaving BAA he had moved to south Wales and spent his working life in schools of Glamorgan. After retirement he was able to devote himself to painting full-time and had several one-man shows in commercial galleries in south and west Wales. 
He was a good friend, a decent man (without being a saint) and will be missed.

Hwyl Wyn, bachgen bach o Niwbwrch eriod.South Wales Echo - feature in 1999

Peter Bailey 66-69
Sculptor. born 1944 - died 29 June 2005 of a cardiac arrest.  He was much loved and appreciated by the many friends he made during his years at Corsham, 1966-69.
For his obituary, book & exhibition details - 6th November to 15th December 2006 - then click the star link.Pete Bailey obituary, book & exhibition
Harry Turner 73-76
Died 17th December 2004. He was suffering from MS and was in hospital in Frome.
Harry graduated in painting in 1976, and also worked as photography technician for Fine Art. His partner at the time was Stella, the sculpture school life model.
Stella and their daughter Katy still live in Corsham.
Susan Mallon 82-85
It is with such great sadness that I have to inform you of the death of Sue [sculpture 82-'85] from a fall in her home on the 3rd May 2004. She worked in Swindon Social Services and was a colleague, friend and close neighbour of mine.
Susan had a turbulent personal life post BAA, with many events that caused her great anxiety and conflict. After a serious medical diagnosis 4 years ago, she had to overcome added stress which compounded her illness. Susan was a fighter and had just managed to come through this with a positive attitude to her life. Very recently finding some happiness and contentment again.The Evening Advertiser obituary
Bhupen Kharkar 79
Passed away recently January 2004, he was a fellow at BAA in 1979 and worked at Monks Park. Bhupen was one of the best Indian painters and was celebrated all over the world. He was originally discovered by Howard Hodgkin and Peter Kinley but stayed with Jo Hope while at BAA.Peter Wells 2004 Guestbook entry
Jeff Nuttall 50-53
Died aged 70 on January 4 2004. He was a catalyst, perpetrator and champion of rebellion and experiment in the arts and society. Bomb Culture, his 1968 chronicle of the emergence of internationalist counter-culture in Britain, remains a primary source and manifesto for the post-Hiroshima generation.
Other precursors whose legacies he extended were the dadaists, surrealists and beats, Dylan Thomas, John Bratby and kitchen sink painting, McGill postcards, bebop and northern music hall. In 1967 he co-founded the People Show, an improvising theatre troupe with which Jeff travelled, wrote and acted for five years.
From the mid-1980s he took cameo roles in films and television. Throughout his days he made and exhibited hundreds of lyrical-threatful-polemical artworks.
He was the Guardian's incisive poetry critic (1979-81) and during the last 40 years he published some 40 books. There were poetry, plays, fiction, memoirs, essays, and verbal portraits of kindred spirits.
He died on a Sunday, leaving the Hen and Chicks pub in Abergavenny, where his trad band's lunchtime gig had been the highspot of his week for 10 years.from The Guardian obituary
Gareth Ball 66-69
Was taken ill on 21st November 2003 and died within minutes of reaching hospital. His family are devastated by his sudden and untimely death. His funeral was held at Aldershot Crematorium on December 1st 2003.
Elizabeth Martin 67-71
Died on Saturday 13th September 2003. Liz studied Graphic Design at BAA from 1967-71 and was Senior Conservator of Prints, Drawings & Photographs at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. She will be greatly missed by her family and  all her colleagues.
Liz's service will be held at St Patrick's Catholic Church, Pickwick, Nr Corsham, (on the A4) at 11am Saturday 4th October 2003. Friends and flowers welcome.
Liz is laid to rest at the cemetery signposted to the right off the Corsham to Lacock Road.
Philip Higson 66-69
Died on 15 September 2003 aged 56, the day after his birthday.
Phil was diagnosed with cancer last year. His funeral was held last Friday (19 September), he is survived by his wife Sue and three children.
Higson founded the Deeside web printer 20 years ago together with his former Allan Denver colleagues Graham Ostler and the late Bob Allan. “We worked together for 25 years. He will be sadly missed,” Ostler said.
After his diagnosis Higson fulfilled a lifetime ambition by buying himself a Bentley. “He’d always wanted one and we used to banter about it. At least he had a year of pleasure out of it”.
David Heale 73-76
I’m very sad to report that David Heale – also known as "Buzz" – who was at BAA (Painting) in the mid-70s – died on Friday 9th May 2003 at home in Looe, Cornwall after an asthma attack.
He leaves his partner, Steffi and their 3 boys. He’ll be greatly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to have known him.
Derek Pope 50-85
My family and I were wondering if it would be possible for you to announce on the BAA web site that my husband Derek Pope died peacefully at home on Saturday the 1st of February 2003. As you know, he was associated with the Academy as a student, lecturer and Principal from 1950 - 1985. We thought that this would be an appropriate way of letting our many friends and colleagues know.
Dorothy Elliott 57-59
Following the death of Dorothy Elliott on 9th December 2002, Brenda Jackson, with whom she lived, wishes to thank the many Corsham friends who so kindly sent their condolences and deepest sympathy to her at this sad time.
Michael Finn 72-82
Died aged 80 on March 24 2002. He was head of two art colleges before devoting the last 20 years of his life to his own painting. In 1958, he was appointed principal of Falmouth College of Art in Cornwall, where he stayed until taking over as principal of Bath Academy of Art at Corsham in 1972. Under his leadership, both were among the most highly regarded art colleges in the country.
On his retirement, in 1982, he moved with his family to Tregeseal, near St Just in the far west of Cornwall, and began his long-postponed career as a full-time artist.
He is survived by two daughters, Christine and Michaela, and a son, Richard. His wife, Cicely, whom he married in 1943, died earlier this year.from The Guardian obituary
Kenneth Armitage 46-56 
Died aged 85 on January 22 2002, was among the most significant British sculptors of the 20th century.
He taught for 10 years (1946-56) at Bath Academy of Art during that period he found his mature style, beginning to make groups of figures in which a flat membrane envelopes upright or buttress supports. Two Linked Figures, People in a Wind (1950), now in the Tate Gallery, and Friends Walking are all fine examples of his most expressive period. In the elongated, fragile forms of his work, his overriding concern was always with humanity; a preoccupation with feelings expressed through the language of the body. The figurative image of man remained central to his work, and his departures into the world of non-figuration were always of short duration. He saw his sculpture as a way of communicating essential truths. "I believe that art is something shared among us and feel almost apologetic for the effort and specialisation involved in its production," he wrote early in his career, in 1955.
His wife Joan, whom he married in 1940, predeceased him.from The Guardian obituary


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