Riette Sturge Moore
b. 1907 (BAA 1947-64)

Born in London. Daughter of poet Thomas Sturge Moore
(friend of Laurence Binyon) and of Marie, cousin of Swiss
stage designer/innovator Adolphe Appia. 1930’s studied
interior design with M. La Halle; exhibited her fabric designs
at Dorland Hall, c.1930-32 Heals, Mansard Gallery, studied
costume design. Central School of Arts and Crafts with
Jeanetta Cochrane, c.1936/37 taught dyeing and attended
lectures at the London Theatre Studio (Principal Michel Saint
Denis). Drew hydrographic charts for the Admiralty,
evacuated to Bath and met Clifford and Rosemary Ellis at
Bath Art Club, later billetted with them. Worked for CEMA
for rest of War, touring various repertory theatres. 1947
designed Dr Faustus, Shakespeare Memorial Theatre; invited
to teach Stage Design at BAA, two days a week, travelling
from London; involved in a Summer productions in early
years in which whole Academy took part. Worked at
Dartington Hall children’s festival with lmogen Hoist and
Rudolph Laban. 1959 designed Coriolanus, Shakespeare
Memorial Theatre. 1964 retired from Corsham.

104A Costume design for Kalevala (Vainamoinen)
Old Vic Theatre School, 1952
gouache, pencil and ink
14 x 8 inches

104B Costume design for Kalevala (Mother to Aino and
Old Vic Theatre School, 1952
gouache and ink
13½ x 9¼ inches
Private Collection

105A Costume Design for Coriolanus I
(Laurence Olivier)
Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford. 1959
watercolour, ink and pencil
9¼ x 5 inches

105B Costume Design for Coriolanus II
(Laurence Olivier)
Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford, 1959
watercolour, pencil and wash with added gold paint
11 x 5¼ inches
signed and inscribed
Private Collection