Walter Sickert

Born in Munich, Danish father and English mother. 1868
family moved to England. Became naturalised British. 1881-
82 studied Slade, under Legros. left to become pupil of
Whistler; learnt etching. 1883 met Degas and his
contemporaries, on errand for Whistler in Paris and again in
1885. First marriage to Ellen Cobden. 1888 joined New
English Art Club; 1889 exhibited in The London
, Goupil Gallery; 1893 first held classes, The
Vale, Chelsea. from 1899-1905 lived in Dieppe, where he
met Spencer Gore; spent winters in Venice. Returned to
London; 1907 founded Fitzroy Street Group; 1911 founded
Camden Town Group; 1908-12 taught Westminster
Technical Institute. During First World War visited Bath,
Brighton and Dieppe. 1916-19 lived in Bath: 1919-22 lived
in Dieppe. returned to England following death of his second
wife, Christine Angus. 1926 married third wife, Therese
Lessore. 1927 taught Highbury Place, lslington, pupils
included Lord Methuen; 1934 moved to St Peterís Thanet,
became ARA same year; taught Bath Art School from March
1939 once a week until shortly before his death (see
introduction). 1941 Retrospective National Gallery, having
exhibited widely throughout lifetime. January 1942 died at
Bathampton. A Free House, the writings of Walter Sickert
edited by Osbert Sitwell, published 1947.

98 The Vineyards. Bath 1941
oil on canvas
19Ĺ x 27 inches

Exh: Retrospective Collection of Drawings and Recent
Paintings by Walter Sickert
, Leicester Gallery
1942 (118); Late Sickert Hayward Gallery
(Arts Council touring exhibition) November
1981-January 1982 (116)
Collection: Mrs Constance W. Fettes
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