William Scott
1913-1989 (BAA 1946-56) 

Born in Greenock, Scotland. 1924 family moved to
Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. Studied Belfast College of Art
with scholarship from home town. 1931 Royal Academy
Schools, first studied sculpture, 1934 transferred to painting.
1936 spent six months in Mousehole, Cornwall. 1937
married Mary Lucas. fellow student at RA. 1937-38 travelled
in Italy; they set up Pont Aven School of Painting Spring
1938; exhibited Paris October same year; September 1939
left France for Dublin; 1940 returned to London. 1941
moved to Hallatrow, Somerset; showed painting to Clifford
Ellis at Bath Art School who gave him part-time teaching job
there. September 1942 one-man exhibition Leger Galleries.
Joined Army (Royal Engineers), transferred to Ordinance
Section, Ruabon, Wales where other artists, designers,
printers were making maps; met Henry Cliffe. 1945 Soldiers’
, published by Frederick Muller, with lithographs by
Scott; shared exhibition with Mary Scott, Leger Galleries.
Appointed Senior Paintings Master, Bath Academy of Art
(until 1956). Spent summers in Mousehole, Cornwall from
1948 where met Wynter, Lanyon, Frost and Nicholson.
Exhibited Sixty Paintings for ‘5I Festival of Britain; studio in
London 1952; 1953 (to 1969) first exhibited Hanover
Gallery: 1954 included in Nine Abstract Artists, by Lawrence
Alloway. 1955 exhibited Small Contemporary Paintings
Lithographs and Pottery
, Willis Galleries, Bath, with other
colleagues from BAA; 1958 exhibition Venice Biennale;
1963 Artist in Residence, Ford Foundation, Berlin. 1965
moved to Coleford, retrospective Tate Gallery. 1974 first of
several exhibitions at Gimpel Fils; 1977 elected RA. 1985
Every Picture Tells a Story, film Channel Four (James Scott).
1985 Retrospective Ulster Museum, Belfast (touring

William Scott: Works from the Scott Collection
Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, New York City
Apr 8 - Jun 5, 2004