Life Class, Corsham Art School, Wiltshire, 1957 (photo: Roger Mayne)

Some of these artists describe their time teaching at Corsham as being like attending a University, as there was time to talk to other teachers - unlike in London art schools.

In 1962, with the aid of a grant from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, a Research Centre in Art Education was established at Corsham, with Clifford Ellis and Colin Thompson as senior advisors. The Centre started by making a survey of the teaching of art in fifth and six forms in England, Wales and ScotIand, receiving evidence from art teachers in a thousand schools, and published an interim report in 1964. Next an investigation of sixth formersí and art studentsí *response to colour was investigated with the result reported by Colin Thompson, published in 1965.

The 1960ís were a time of change for Corsham. The teacher-training course was extended to three years in 1960 and the last course was from 1964-7. The times saw the expansion of teacher-training institutions into larger units and the universities were becoming involved.

*Response to Colour by Colin Thompson 1965 - (11.6MB adobe.pdf)