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The following links are some of the more 'interesting' and possibly useful websites that I have come across while looking for links relating to 'ART' and/or this site.

http://www.bathspa.ac.uk Bath Spa University College
http://www.artist-info.com Contemporary Art Database
http://www.hugobarclay.co.uk Gallery Site with Great Links
http://www.sculpture.org International Sculpture Centre
http://www.corshamtown.co.uk Corsham Town Website
http://www.potfest.co.uk Ceramics in the UK & Europe
http://www.artpool.hu Art Research Centre - Budapest
http://www.belgravegallery.com Twentieth Century British Artists
http://www.crafts.org.uk Devon Guild of Craftsmen
http://www.craftscouncil.org.uk UK Org. for Contemporary Crafts
http://www.germangalleries.com Current Galleries in Germany
http://www.myfonts.com Typefaces and their Designers
http://www.istd.org Imperial Society Dance Teachers
http://www.jacobsongallery.com Contemporary British Artists
http://www.kunstnet.at Austrian Art Galleries
http://www.officieldesarts.com Arts in France
http://www.pottersbristol.com Local Marketing Co-Operative
http://www.tate.org.uk Tate Galleries in Britain
http://www.theartofposter.com Polish Posters, 1900 - 2000
http://www.timolsengallery.com Exhibition Gallery
http://www.artefact.co.uk Art & Artefact Galleries UK
http://www.studiopottery.co.uk/index-f.html Info on British Studio Ceramics
http://www.bbc.co.uk/ Historic Corsham from the local library
http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk Thumbnail History of Corsham + Links
165 Photos of Corsham from 1904-1960

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