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Mariora Goschen

Shiatsu and Breathwork and Esalen Massage
Mariora Goschen (MSc, BA, and BSc) has worked as a massage therapist and shiatsu practitioner for eleven years in London.

She practices:  
Esalen Massage. She is a graduate and member of the Esalen Institute in California.
* Shiatsu. She studied Shiatsu for four years in London
* Acupuncture. She has studied acupuncture for three years in London (to BSc honours degree level).
Breathwork. Mariora teaches a soothing breathing programme that accelerates the healing changes in the body tissues, releasing tension.

The Esalen approach to massage is a dynamic way of working with the body. The integration of movement in the session allows the practitioner to effortlessly impart a sense of fluidity and ease to the recipient. It is slow and deep with larger, expansive movements, including the positioning of the body on the table and the use of leverage in stretching limbs, as well as more subtle aspects of motion, such as passive joint manipulation and active point release work.

Esalen Massage incorporates aspects of many different techniques rolled into one. It integrates a blending of Swedish massage with aspects of shiatsu, cranio-sacral balancing, feldenkrais, polarity, trager, lymphatic drainage, face massage and reflexology.
Esalen massage takes away residual tension. This is done by stimulating the body’s energy and blood circulation. This stimulation helps to drain lymphatic stagnation and toxic metabolic waste that may have accumulated in tight congested tissues. The receiver is rejuvenated with a vibrant, youthful quality of vibrant elasticity.
Mariora Goschen’s hands on treatment energises and elasticises the body tissues; relaxes and releases the whole structure of the body; and improves diaphragmatic breathing throughout the session.  The treatment helps with stress, aches and pains, and the after-effects of illness and operations, and fine tunes body, mind and the emotions.