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Fields on the Mountain IV 43 x 30cm, plaster work, 2003

Taylor Galleries
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10 - 25 September 2004

Illustrated Preview

P  L  A  S  T  E  R   W  O  R K 

Rising Harvest 116 x 163cm, plaster work, 2000

Connected Field 114 x 160cm, plaster work, 2000

Harvest Within I 81 x 102cm, plaster work, 2001

Harvest Within II 81 x 102cm, plaster work, 2001

Fields Outside The Enclosure 80 x 114cm, plaster work, 2003

Stretched Out Cultivation 122 x 163cm, plaster work, 2002

Reclaimed Field 122 x 147cm, plaster work, 2001

Open Field 80 x 114cm, plaster work, 2004

Connecting Boundary Line 84 x 104cm, plaster work, 2004)

T  A  P  E  S  T  R  Y

Rising and Descending Fields 43 x 30cm, plasterwork, (cartoon for Aubusson Tapestry, 217 x 156cm. Atelier Bernard Battu, 2004)

Sample of yarns and textures for Aubisson Tapestry

Cliff Dwelling 149 x 217cm, tapestry, (woven by Terry Dunne, Wexford, 2004)

detail of cliff dwelling Tapestry

maria simonds-gooding