Bath Academy of Art students & staff contributions to Play Orbit at the ICA in 1969


Bath Academy of Art
Roger Deakins, Stephen Fairbairn and Peter Juerges  Praxinoscope 1969
A version of the classical praxinoscope made of painted wood, mirror and steel with nine strips. manually operated; 48 inches diameter
X 30 inches.
Photographs by Bath Academy of Art

Art College

Bath Academy of Art


Roger Deakins, Stephen Fairbairn and Peter Juerges
In mixing and superimposition, as, for example, Strip No. 8, where there is a diagonal movement.

In the image, as, for example, Strip No. 5. In the strip around the edge, as in Strip No. 9.

This is an attempt to explore the potential of the praxinoscope and to investigate the principle of persistence of vision related to colour as well as movement. During the time spent on the project we became increasingly interested in the relationship of the images seen in the mirrors to the effect of the strip itself as it became a fast-moving blur at the edges of the drum, and these investigations were a new development. Consequently, the nine strips now made for use with the praxinoscope are a selection from the various experiments made. These divide approximately into sections with the following headings:

To demonstrate clearly the principle of the praxinoscope, as, for example, Strip No. 1.

The building up of mirror images
To produce a static composite, as in Strip No. 4.
By the superimposition of related images to provide maximum information, as in Strip No. 3 (Apple).
By superimposition of images related in size and shape but not content, as in Strip No. 2.
By superimposition of images to produce a colour mix, as in Strip No. 6.
The 'flicker’ produced by certain kinds of images, as in Strip No. 4.
Colour mixing in relation to distortion of shape, as in Strip No. 7.
Relationship between the central mirror image, the two side images at the edges of the mirrors, and the fast-moving blur, as, for example, in Strip No. 5.


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