Confessions of a Graphics Bod (with no apologies at all to Mister Ogilvy)

Steve would like to emphasize that any opinions expressed in these Confessions are entirely his own and should only be construed with a pinch of salt. The story is as true as he can remember it but no offence is intended towards nor should be inferred by any of the people mentioned. In fact the only person incriminated should be himself! One or two names have been altered or omitted to protect the privacy of those concerned.

. An Art Master / Bakers Corner / But Everyone knew her as Nancy

2. Of Cabbages ... / Bean-Stikken

3. More Locals and a Very Good Friend / Gunpowder Treason / A Friendly Cuppa

4. Motorized Transport / Val Prinsep / A Tale of a Goat

5. A Most Disagreeable Person / Talking Tongues / Vegetable Marrows

6. In the Dark

7. A Verra Guid Eye

8. Exquisite Paper / A New Perspective

9. Slow on the Uptake / A Night (or two) to Remember

10. Someone Special / Whom the gods love dye young

11. Jellybread and Other Pubs

12. A Love Nest / The Storm Before the Storm

13. Turmoil

14. Foreign or Somethink

15. Neither Here nor There

16. The Bauhaus and Beyond

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An Art Master / Bakers Corner / But Everyone knew her as Nancy