The majority of 'Artist/ Tutors' who worked at the Academy had a very special relationship with Clifford Ellis. Clifford gave enormous support to them both in their work as tutors and as free lance artists and fulfilled one of his basic philosophies which was that students and their tutors worked and socialised together on equal terms.

The list of contemporary artists visiting Corsham is both vast and impressive. I shall only mention a few of whom I have personal memories. There is a list at the back of Derek Pope's book 'A Celebration of the Bath Academy of Art at Corsham'. - and on this BAA@C site page.

There was of course Howard Hodgkin who I remember on more than one occasion made the girls cry! Because he expected the best, he became frustrated when some could not grasp what he was trying to get across.
As we all know he is one of the most enduring and successful British artists.

I was always much impressed with the gigantic canvases of Harry Mundy they must have been ten or twelve feet high abstracts. He and Gillian Ayres, his partner, took us for life drawing; a few examples below:

Other students in my group


Work inspired by Harry Mundy & Henry Cliffe