All for the price of a cabbage!

Compulsory Cabbage 1960
a test piece for all candidates

Cabbage in hand, I entered the Chinese room for my interview with C.E.
All would appear to have gone well and I was invited to join the next intake of N.D.D. students.

It would be presumptive of me to assume that I 'knew' Clifford and Rosemary Ellis, although I spoke to them from time to time, I was almost totally unaware of their philosophy, history, or motivation. They were a real partnership and were held in high regard but it has taken me forty years to find out why! At the time, they were principals of an Art College located in one of the most picturesque locations in the country; they were parents of Penny and Charlotte. Penny was an artist in her own right and Charlotte was still a school girl and full of high spirits. They were both friendly and we saw more of them than we did of their parents. They all lived in a large flat in the ample attic of the Court and occasionally held parties to which we were invited. It is a great shame that they remained an enigma for the duration of my stay at Corsham. I only wish that Derek Pope's compilation of comment, interviews and the UNESCO Seminar had been available to me in my formative years.

The idyllic gardens & park


Other students in my group